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By Anonymous
Damage of the tiny stars need to be buffed, if only a little bit.
By Anonymous
No attack should be unavoidable in any sense. If you can't possibly completely dodge it, it is cheap, regardless of how much or little damage it does.
By Anonymous
I don’t care if it sucks, takes 9 years to cast, and does like 2 damage. It’s so darn pretty
By Kraden50
This basically sums up most of the legendary spells. ^^
By Anonymous
Can you cast this and another spell that tracks enemies the same way at the same time or nah? like flame of the fell god.
By Anonymous
you sure can! that seems to be the point of this spell as its slow moving you use it as an opener. The tiny stars deal high posture dmg but low health like the glintblade phalanx. So you cast this first and then ran at your opponent to attack or cast other spells to overwhelm/stagger the enemy. It is literally useless if an enemy player is right no you, you have to have some distance and you basically use this as you close in.
By Anonymous
It doesn't even tickle the enemies. Disappointing.
By Bagguete
Use this and placidusaxs ruin one after the other to overwhelm people
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
been using this in conjunction with watchdog staff. the weapon art can stagger into elden stars and vice versa. top tier annoying build
By Anonymous
Wow it's freaking nothing
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By Soaeron
I don't even care about the damage output. This spell is really fun to use!
By Anonymous
Honestly, despite the fact I know this incantation is trash, it’s still one of my most favorite to use simply because it looks like a giant sparkler. As a fireworks enthusiast, this one hits all the right notes with me while also making me have to work for my boss kills.
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