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By Anonymous
Such a weird decision for basically all the enemies to despawn if you reach Altus before the castle. It feels so boring just walking to the Grace with no resistance whatsoever.
By Anonymous
You didn't see Radahn Eating Them XD
By Anonymous
So after reading this and seeing many comments, I'm curious why it matters to so many to get to the castle before the festival. If you can still explore it after, why are people upset that they have to do it later?
By Anonymous
Just seems like the proper order of progression, though it really doesn't matter. As far as I can tell activating the festival before clearing Redmane Castle doesn't lock one out of anything.

Though I don't see any reason not to just clear the castle first as it's probably the easiest/shortest of all the legacy dungeons. From the grace outside of the bridge to the boss fight it takes 30min if you don't know what you're doing on first playthrough, about 10 or less on ng+. I usually do Redahn before Raya Lucaria, if I even do the academy at all on ng+'s. Stormveil and Redmane + Redahn festival take about and hour and a half into the game, and that's with running around grabbing graces, starting questline's like Varre's, etc
By Anonymous
Ruins the pacing for the castle
By Anonymous
It's just a little sad cause I like the dungeons but totally missed it first playthrough. That's all
I lol'd at the line "It can be reached by crossing the bridge in-front of the "Impassable Greatbridge" site of grace."

I guess they achieved the no spoiler aim? Haha.
By Anonymous
Mimic's Veil will get you through most of the impassible bridge. - d
By Anonymous
There is another way to trigger the radhan festival which is the earliest and the way most people will start the festival by accident. Once you kick alexander out of the first hole in limgrave, if you expire his dialog he will trigger the festival. The way to avoid starting the festival with alexander, because you can still get him out without him triggering the event, just make sure you dont talk to him after getting him out of the hole. As soon as he speaks of the festival he is going to trigger it. If you dont trigger the event, Alexander can be found in the gael tunnel. This way you can explore redmane castle before the radhan festival and get access to the red-hot whetblade, the cookbooks and the ruin greatsword (if you kill the duo boss) before having to fight radhan.
By Anonymous
I've done all his dialog and I still got the pre-festival castle just fine. His dialog doesn't trigger anything
By Anonymous
Not sure if my game session was bugged but many of the doors were unopenable and most of the knights weren't inside or outside the keep until after I beat Ragadan. After I killed him it was populated with knights.
By Anonymous
This worked for me. Med shield WITH Barricade WA) and some daggers or quick offensive throwables/casts ready. Cast Latenna Ashes when you enter the Duo boss fight. Barricade shield and counter attacks to will finish the job on the Misbegotten cnut really quickly. (fire damage also helps big time). Next, equip your throwables and keep the knight focused on you whilst your summoned ashes picks away at him. Fairly low risk, as far as duo boss fights go. Barricade WA really helps here.
By Anonymous
Place frustrated me a lot when I first got to it because it took so long of a travel to get to the first site of grace inside.
You have to sprint passed or clear out the knights, take the teleporter, sprint passed or fight all the soldiers and giant, kill all the bare, deal with the dog and the executioner and then make it through to the site of grace and if you die at any point its hell go go back through. More especially BEFORE you know where the site is m becsuse theres a couple of other enemies you can run into and paths to take.

The true fromsoft expirence right here and I hate love every second
By Anonymous
The Virgin Abductor (if festival isnt active) can be easily cheesed. There is a set of wooden stairs nearby that overlooks the courtyard (kill the guards there first), and if you aggro the Abductor from there it wont be able to figure out how to get up and its head will be poking out through the planks. You will ignore the majority of its attacks.
By Anonymous
So I was just wandering around the courtyard prior to activating the radahn fight and somehow the lion guardians died because I got their souls and items out of the blue
By Anonymous
They can attack (and even kill) each other. I assume that is what happened in your case.
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