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By Anonymous
Isn't it like outside of sellia crystal cave down right? I can never catch that thing.
By Anonymous
Would be pretty epic to have an innate poison weapon to put this on, maybe even make it last longer or have higher buildup than dirt cheap weapon grease. That might be a bit overpowered though, wouldn't want someone with Seppuku Naginatas to get poisoned and have to use one of their 99 boluses or something. Good call Miyazaki
By Anonymous
Does the buildup stack with prelate's charge?
By Anonymous
i wish this did poison buildup over time like bloodflame blade so its easier to actually proc the damn thing
By Anonymous
What Poison armament should do:

+Deadly poison
+ Lower fp cost
+ Buffable while jumping/running/rolling like Black Flame Blade
+ Higher poison status damage to be able to compete with arcane. Make it scaleable just like all the other incantations!
+ Allows faith/int, faith/strength, faith/Dex, faith/arcane users to use be able to have an alternative way to poison enemies
+ Good for faster weapons such as daggers allowing them to have some kind of neat feature

- Lower duration whilst activated on the weapon
- Lower duration on enemy so it has to be activated more often, but has higher damage per tick since it is deadly poison
- You now need to be more aggressive and less defensive once activated or else the poison runs out
- Slower weapons will activate poison slower and may need to reactivate poison armament since it has a shorter duration

What it actually does:

+ 45 flat poison over 60 seconds no matter what faith which can be good for some builds
+ Can be used at level 1
+ Can be used with moth flight ash of war

- Venomous Fang has higher poison build up as a +0 weapon and does deadly poison which is at 72 flat poison.
- Poisonousmist beats this incantation in every way
- No deadly poison
- Too slow to be used in the midst of combat to throw off your opponent
- Not scaleable with Faith, Faith/Int, Faith/Arc
- Poisoned Throwing Knives is faster
- Arcane Bow is faster (With some weapons)

What Poisonousmist ash of war does:

+ Can be used on any of these infusions: Standard, Heavy, Keen, Quality, Poison, Blood, Occult.
+ Scales with arcane
+ Does everything the incantation does with an extra mist particle allowing it to have even higher poison status potential = Higher damage

- Pure faith/Int users can't use this really good
- Has to swap to another weapon if you want another ash of war on it unlike the incantation

By Anonymous
brap sword
By Anonymous
Do these weapon enchants overwrite existing passive effects (e.g., blood loss buildup) or are they additive? Thanks.
By JPLangley
Additive. In fact, armament buffs that apply the same status effect as the base weapon (Such as applying Bloodflame Blade onto a bleed weapon) will cause them to stack.

However, I didn't test this for specifically Poison Armament. As such, this is an educated guess.
By Anonymous
They could have added a tiny bit of base or multiplicative damage on top, because as others have said, the spell isnt that good compared to other options that are available via skills and affinities.
By Anonymous
easiest invisible scarab for me so far. i happened to run past one of the big scarlet spewing bulb things, and the bug ran right through the scarlet cloud and died instantly lol.
By Anonymous
I was so happy when I figured this out. Night Maiden's Mist and Poison Mist are also excellent for nuking invisible scarabs without worrying overly much about timing a swing.
By Anonymous
I may be wrong here, but this seems to be completely irrelevant as Poison Mist Ash will also apply a poison enchantment to your weapon and.. blows mist that will usually proc the poison anyways. So this is just the poison mist ash without the mist part. And both ashes are acquired pretty much in the same place.
By chillypheese
Poison Ash's buff only last 20 secs and forces you in a long animation with a cloud that likely will Poison the foe anyway. This is something you can toss on at the fog gate and will likely last long enough to proc as long as you play a bit aggressive. Once applied it last 3 mins which will likely be the whole fight anyway.
By Anonymous
also not every weapon ash can be changed
By Anonymous
also not every weapon ash can be changed