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By Shitposter
how many ng+ cycles does it take to get every single weapon to 25+/+10
By Anonymous
I feel like i've noticed a trend in regards to what the best weapons in each class are. The heaviest weapons tend to be the strongest. The heaviest greatsword is the Blasphemous Blade, which has long since been known as an amazing weapon that can carry you. The heaviest colossal sword is the guts sword. The heaviest thrusting sword is the estoc. The heaviest great thrusting sword is the Bloody Helice, which if you dont know can be used to one shot bosses at RL1. The bandit's curved sword is widely considered the best curved sword and is the heaviest. The warped axe does substantially more damage than the rest and is the heaviest. The executioners great axe is probably the best and again is the heaviest. The stone club and hammer for hammers, the giant crusher for colossol weapons, the bolt of gransax for spears, the serpant hunter for great spears, the godlen halabardo (any asmongold viewers?) for halberds, the grave scythe, etc... Need i go on? While there might be some exceptions. I think the trend is clear. Heavier weapons are just better
By Anonymous
my favorite part about weapon nerfs is when people act like Miyazaki killed there grandma
By Anonymous
FROM Patch 1.07

1. added feces to dung eaters room for lore accuracy

2. added extra phase to random npc quest line where your rewarded with like a flower

3. buff katanas

4. nerf (insert weapon) for countering katanas

5. ban people for using freecam

6. release actually helpful update 6 months from now
By Anonymous
cant wait for from to add rivers of magic
the rob moonveil hybrid that you can shield poke with
By Anonymous
I like how powerstancing gives double damage and status buildup with no downside and in some cases even a direct upgrade to the weapons moveset

because that's fair and balanced
By Anonymous
Anyone gonna mention the fact that there is actually 308 weapons and not 309?
By Anonymous
Would be so awesome if you guys could make a list of Somber/Unique weapons. Would be very useful, can't find a list anywhere.
By Anonymous
Anything with poke > all
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By FyrdDown
I just had an idea for a build, seriously it's gonna blow your mind. Ok so, first off you need flame of the redmanes, flame gran- wait where are you going? Man please don't leave bro this build is so good bro please hear me out man please...
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