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By Anonymous
Ruin's Greatsword doesn't count as a "Gravity" weapon even though its AOW looks similar to other Gravity weapons, such as Fallingstar Jaw?
By Shitposter
Dragons are absolutely trash bosses with unavoidable fire breaths
By Anonymous
There is a hyperlink to this page for "accursed" enemies, but it's not a listed category here.
By Anonymous
Not all weapons with holy damage can pierce the undead resurrection effect? really?
By Anonymous
Yes, actually, only the golden order fundamentalists can deal special effect to undead enemies, and death birds,death rite birds and tibia mariners are not undead enemies
By Anonymous
holy water pots are godly against undead enemies, even with no faith leveling. Its so good that it does good damage even against the strongest death rite bird. Also easy to make. Makes skeleton filled catacombs a cakewalk