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By Anonymous
About 80% of mp SOS is this fight. It actually freaks me out while grinding achievement, host always die in less than 10 sec.
By Anonymous
Sometimes I did 0 damage to her, does she has any shield buff?
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By Fallenangel700
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Yes, she sometimes casts a shield around her that blocks exactly 1 attack. If she's in her fire form, the shield will also explode a moment after blocking the attack.
By Anonymous
Yeah, when she has that blue aura around her, it gives her invul for one hit
By Anonymous
It prevents all ranged attacks from doing damage, it only lasts for one melee attack though
By Anonymous
My favorite trick was to stay on her and always parry her second attack when she did her three swings. It often left her open for awhile. I'd try and keep a pillar between us and the Cannoneer so he couldn't blindside me.
By Anonymous
Got pretty lucky killing them on the fourth or something try. Gotta remember this is a fight of patience where you can’t hit her more than 1-2 times (depending on your equipment). Kill her first and don’t be greedy.
By Anonymous
I just let yakumo tank the ice one and kill the caster. Caster is easier to kill due to its slow mobility.
By Anonymous
Ahh yes. The Ornstein and Smough fight weeabo edition. Except much more annoying and not as satisfying.
By Anonymous
By Shadowangel615
I beat the game once and was like "oh, I can have the option to keep the weak enemies and increase the difficulty? Nah!" then I realized how weak I really was after the butterfly of delirium. I then thought about these bosses and realized something, "Oh dear. Well, I'm sorry character, you had a good life." At least Mido wasn't as frustrating as them though, so I was glad for that.
By Corrodias
What would it mean to increase difficulty yet keep enemies at the same level?
By Anonymous
when you finish the game, you have the option of "New Gaming" which if selected, will give enemys across the board more Hp and MUCH more damage, making it more "difficult"
By Anonymous
I have a *****ing problem with the camera and the evade movement depending on it, it seems. When I lock the ebemy and try to evade towards it to move behind it, it moves backwards even though I hold the joystick towards the opponent. And when I try to evade on the sides it just goes forward. The camera system is very*****ty as well as if it try to fight close to a wall it makes the camera spins multiple time before stabilising upward. It's just insane, at the beginning i could hold my ground and deal with this utter***** but with two bosses at the same time it is it becomes quasi impossible, i was close multiple time but every time the evade bug tricked me. Does someone else have these kind of problems here?
By Anonymous
Late to the party but yeah, the camera pisses me off in every major fight. Especially during the boss battles, because those are the ones where you have trouble getting trapped in a corner, and it makes the camera zoom in either on the back of your head, or up in your crotch. I’ve played games where the surrounding walls dematerialize for visibility - why couldn’t they implement that for this game?
By Anonymous
I think some of the strategy information is for the demo and network trial versions of the boss. Thought she didn't use fore spells in the main game. Also, it doesn't incorporate the fact that you're fighting the Cannoneer as well as the Blade Bearer. At least for the story.
By Anonymous
In the depths, if you defeat Cannoneer she will have the same second phase from the trial.
By Anonymous
Good to know.