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By Anonymous
I just came here to check again since I ****ing died. As soon as I finished the fight those teleporting bs enemies ganked me to death, and yes he only drops 4k haze. What a load of *******
By Anonymous
This guy's hotbox is BS, is he hitting me with wind?
By Anonymous
The one in the cathedral? Fine. I don't mind. But the one in the DLC? Most BS boss I've ever seen one. Almost always one shots me on my highest HP build. Reusing a boss is one thing, but making it a fight where you can't make a single mistake is just bad design
By Anonymous
get gud scrub
By Anonymous
walked in on this gut thinking he was just a stronger mob, was lvl 40 with plus 4 oni bane, and just murdered this dude
By Anonymous
First try in NG, yet it took me over 10 tries in NG+. He oneshots me all the time even with nearly 3k hp. At least he can be easily backstabbed :/
By Anonymous
Smough in lame!
By Anonymous
I'm just trash I guess lmfao have tried everything I've been stuck here for like 3 damn days, first time playing a souls styled game
By Anonymous
To be fair, this is not a very good attempt at the souls combat system. It's too sluggish, so enemies like this are more difficult than they need be.
By Anonymous
For me it is to this point the hardest boss tried it now over 15times...
By LicketyLuck
No BS like the boss before this one,
If you can get to it, you can beat it.