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By Anonymous
If you go to the mansion in the grave yard and talk to the spider upstairs with pet pal and also spider's kiss talent. She will recognize the spider's kiss and not attack you? I'm not sure if she attacks you if you don't have it or not because I did
By Anonymous
she wont attack you if you have the kiss and respond correctly (save your game before talking). She will ask you for 5 pieces of flesh - make sure they are human and not tainted or rotted.
By Anonymous
Useless. You can always go to the ship and respec. -2 to get +2 is something that you can do by yourself at the mirror on the ship
By Anonymous
lmao this is a talent given by a quest
By Anonymous
You can't stat beyond a certain point, if you have a packmule you can for example push the strength 2 points further than normal by using this talent,
it's useful if you actually think about how to use it.
discard 2 points in a stat you don't need, put 2 extra points into a stat you are already maxed out on.
By Anonymous
how embarrasing *winston sound*
By Anonymous
You can go over the cap with this
By Anonymous
Considering how useless Constitution is in Solo Honour/Tactician, Spider's Kiss is a +2 to a stat of your choice. If you're CC'd, it doesn't matter how much health you have in Solo Honour/Tactician, you're probably dead.
By Anonymous
I assume it was so you could have a talent higher than it could be normally
By Anonymous
but you can't mirror into <10 con, stupid
By Anonymous
The reason you'd want this talent is because the +2 to the stats can put you above max stats of 30.
Gear can do that too, sure. But that's less reliable.
And potions/foods that do that are temporary.
By Anonymous
You can gain 5k experience per character if you opt for the kiss. There is no harm in it, if you disliked loosing any attribute, you can make it up by changing it in the mirror on the ship or by selecting a different approach while leveling up. But 5 k experience is worth it plus after receiving the experience you may kill the spider for more experience. 1st option gives +2 to strength & -2 to constitution. 2nd option gives +2 to intelligence & -2 to constitution. 3rd option gives gold & -2 to constitution. 4th option gives +2 to wits & -2 to constitution. Last option gives the idol of birth (at a cost of -2 constitution), an item which will automatically revive you if you die.
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Thank you for the info
By Anonymous
I lost pet pal talent when I let her kiss me :(
By Anonymous
I kept my pet talent but I lost -2 to constitution
I just noticed -.-
By Anonymous
Based on what the Spider in Ryker's house sais, if you already got the Spider's kiss, when asked for another kiss, the spider's kiss seems to be a form of incubation...
Because she sais she "has enough babies already" when she tells you 'no'.