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By Anonymous
Fighting spear knights be like:
>"oh wow a spear and shield enemy I can backstab him after they him im sure"
>try to get them from the shield side
>instant shield bash
>"guess ill try from the other side"
>dodge spear hit
>instant shield bash
>"guess ill try parrying"
>spear has a .3 nanosecond parry window, parry fails
>"guess I'll try rolling behind them"
>manage to get behind their back
>backstab hitbox disappears, hit them a single time
>turns around at lighting speed, blocks your second hit
>starts charging attack
>try to get behind him as quickly as possible
>knight spins over itself while charging, unbreakable poise, thin spear's hitbox turns into a train
>try to roll away, fail, get hit for 1.000.000 points of damage

Every. Single. Time.
By Anonymous
For the shield wielding ones, always roll to the left (your left). If you roll behind them on their shield side they will backhand ***** slap you with their great shield.
By Anonymous
Red eye knight right outside Emma's room can rarely drop Refined gems, happy hunting!
By Anonymous
I loved learning these so much - I farmed their set & used it for the rest of DS3 despite not being op.

I might even go play through again just for these knights.
By Anonymous
I love these guys, so badass, yet so common
By Anonymous
The red eyed one is a ****
By Anonymous
These guys are really weak to ice, the blue one will take about 7 hits from something like, the irithyyl sword if you haven't reinforced yet, maybe three more.
By Anonymous
God, I wish we've got the royal guard version of the armor, with open visor. Their stats can be a bit different, like for example the red ones are more resistant to lightning because they ride dragons and the blue ones are more resistant to magic because they need to defend the princes from assassins who are likely be trained in sorceries (spook, chameleon, etc.)
By Anonymous
It's kinda weird that the red ones are more resistant to fire, though. They ride dragons, wouldn't they be attacked by lightning at most?
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By DJDutchgamer96
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if they rode dragons, wouldn't it make sense they would wear fire-resistant armor as to not accidentally het roasted by their own troops.
By Anonymous
The spear and shield one is unironically my least favorite enemy in this game, up there with teleporting dogs.
By Anonymous
someone hasn't learned how to kick yet
By Anonymous
Use the R1 stance weapon art
By Anonymous
how can you kick what is behind you?
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