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It's Godzilla with wings
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I want midir to rail me
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The last thing I expected to see posted
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touch the grass, feel the grass be one with the field covered in grass
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Get to the back of the line
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you want him to use his rail gun mouth to blast you to pieces hes already trying to
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least based ds3 player
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Will someone help me with him. Password is 1111
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Isn't online play unavailable tho?
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for pc, if u on console it still works
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Dragonlord came close, but I still think Midir is still supreme over all dragon bosses in Souls
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Melee, SL 140, 31 VIG, 36 END, 35 VIT, 75 STR, 12 DEX, 9 Int, 10 FTH (and 14 ATT because I died a lot and didn't want to swap 3-4 rings to have Tears for every attempt)
Oh and 7 luck, lol.

Yhorm's Great Machete and Black Knight Shield, along with a blessed Caestus and blessed broken SSword in MH and OH.
There's plenty of moments where you can't hit him, no matter how aggro you are, and you need all the HP you can get. So switching to a healing-stick can give you a fair bit of easy recovery.

Yhorm's Machete is actually better than the "Dragonslayer" Greataxe for this fight. Yhorm's deals about 620 damage to his face, while DSGA deal 550ish. Yhorm's has a better WA too,

Estus Ring, Steel Protection+3, Chloranty+3, FAP+3. Chewed on grass constantly. Started the fight unembered, because embering at low HP works as a massive heal.

1) Unless you have a lot of FTH, Yhorm's Great Machete will outdamage Dragonslayer GA. 1H R1's did about 600ish to his face while DSGA did 550ish. YGM also has a better WA for the fight, DSGA's is just too slow. Also I think Yhorm's has a bit more range.
2) If you're using a greatweapon, enable manual aiming in the options menu. If you're not used to using it, practice.
3) With Greataxes specifically, I'd reccomend mainly using them 1-handed. Most of the time when you get a window, you can safely smack him twice with 1H R1s, but getting in 2 2-handed attacks seems unfeasible. This also lets you use a shield.
4) BOOP THE SNOOT. Not only does it deal 2x damage, anything else will make him use his ranged/jank attacks. I tried a 40/40 str/fth build with DSGA and Sage Ring, but every time I healed he'd firebomb or laser me and I'd keep get pushed back until death.
5) Lightning Bundles/Resin only. He's just too resistant to any other element. Even Resin is kind of risky, when trying with buffable weapons using it would often result in getting hit.
6) Very important- He only has 75% HP. Learning that he falls for an easy finisher at about 25% makes the fight psychologically much easier. You can be much more liberal with Estus with this in mind.
7) When it comes to armor- the Black Knights knew what they were doing. You need to protect mainly from Strike damage, Fire, and lastly Dark. Black Knight Shield, with 85% fire absorb, is perfect. Havel's gives a tiny bit extra stability and fire absorb at a massive weight cost. Midir has so many fast/jank moves that being able to quickly L1 them for chip damage (most of his physical attacks have some shield pierce; or they might deal extra dark damage or something) is invaluable. Dodging is still better.
8) STR also gives you strong flat defense against Physical and Fire damage compared to other stats. It doesn't make you invincible, but it helps.
9) Have Divine/Hidden Blessing and Siegbrau in an item slot. There's no better time to use them, and opening the item menu and scrolling to them might get you killed.

When I finally killed him, the fight only took about 5 minutes.
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Some tips while i'm fresh from my solo melee from today

1. Always play this fight unlocked, Midir can easily confuse you and catch you while you re-adjust your lock on, having the camera on your side is key, and you want to be looking directly at him as much as possible

2. Goes without saying but greed always means death, I would say never try and get more than 2 hits with a GS or heavier, or 3 hits with a lighter weapon

3. Don't spam roll, instead utilise spacing to make the most of openings. Some good examples of this are a) his claw combo ending in a forward slam, move backwards so when he lands you're next to the head to punish, b) the left to right fire breath, dodge through as the i-frames are forgiving and get a few hits as he recovers, c) the phase 1 laser, avoid while running in to his left side, so when he finishes you can hit the head a few times

4. Keep in the 'rhythm' of the fight, much like fighting Fume Knight or the Dancer from this game, Midir has a rhythm to his fight, and finding it is the key, if you break rhythm to get a hit or heal, it can all unravel very quickly as Midir is one of the most reactive non-humanoid enemies in the series, and he's basically programmed to roll catch and punish chugging

5. Under no circumstances should you ever be underneath Midir for any extended amount of time, this causes him to use his downwards fire breath and tail swipe, which are both hard to avoid and deal incredibly high damage, if you're underneath him move toward the front rather than the back, as this will bait an easy to evade claw combo and will turn the rhythm back in your favour

6. Take your time, this fight is best done slow and methodically, it minimizes potential mistakes and makes victory much more likely

Good luck skeletons!
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When it comes to physical attacks, he SLASHES at you with his claws, tries to STRIKE you with his tail and PIERCE you with his teeth.
"Midir attacks deals Strike, (Fire and Dark) damage."
Is this a FromSoft thing or a Fextralife thing?
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is it just me or is kalameet the best dragon boss fight in any souls game? Mostly because he barely flies.
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darkEAter midir- pay to win
By Anonymous
Lmao in the sense that, what, you had to pay for the DLC? FOH, bro
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A lot of people not seeing the joke here
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Probably the only boss in the entire game resistant to both fire AND dark damage. Managed to learn enough of his moves to pull off a win with the lightning bow miracle and a decent human summon, but never again. Once was enough.
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As a dark build, it was rough. He resists my two damage types. Dark/fire. I used mist lol
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