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By Anonymous
Best way to fight against heavy shield with these?
By Anonymous
Switch to one handed and kick
By Anonymous
Just spam L1

Bottom text
By Anonymous
After a couple of years I went for a 3rd run and wanted to try dex build. I did try something else but sharp sellsword are just the best considering how fast they are. Chaos blade? Nope. Murakumo? Nope. Dancer's twinblades? Nein.
So endgame is found myself with these and I cannot stretch enough how easy this run was for me.
By Anonymous
The feeling when you choose Mercenary as your starting class and you end up with the best weapon in the game right from the start
By Anonymous
Exactly. Felt bad not switching for something else
By Anonymous
it's still valid in latest patch 1.15 this weapon?
By Anonymous
Oh I know very well how the secrets beckon so sweetly.
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