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By Anonymous
you know... i love Fextralife. it's camouflaging my favorite weapon by neglecting to mention it's highest potential AR. and then it takes Yhorm's machete (puke) and puts it on a pedestal over less than TEN AR two handed at 40 str, and less than 30 ar at the 66 str listed here.

yhorm's DOES have significant range. but range isn't a game changer in PvP, and it lacks combo pressure. so it's basically a glorified crutch for beating the game, that's useless against other players after a certain skill level (i mean, anything is useless against someone who has mastered the art of the caestus parry. but thankfully there aren't as many of those as there used to be). AND it encourages making str a dump stat, when you'd be much better off going with stats that provide better combat sustain either through improving mitigation, recovery or stamina.

and if they CAN'T parry well? all i'm saying is that there is a weapon out there somewhere that's almost as good as yhorms, and out-trades almost all other two handed weapons IN THE GAME. and you'll probably never find it xD.
By Anonymous
Sure would be nice to know what that weapon is......
By Anonymous
At 70 str and 70 dex Blackknights Greataxe beats Yhorms machete by over 25 damage.. Not to mention the bonus damage against demons, and superior warcry effects. Black Knights Greataxe is the most powerful weapon, in terms of damage per attack, I have ever come up with. This, of course, applies only if you are around level 300.

This being said at 99 str, dex, int and Faith there are probably more powerful weapon with higher AR.
By Anonymous
A scaling = scales well beyond 40 lvl soft cap
twin princes made easy :-)
kinda makes me regret going for quality build, because had to grind levels for dex, should have put them in vitality/vigor and go for tank build!
By Skulladium
This in mainhand with a dagger or quick weapon in offhand is just a beast combo.
Every time i saw it , it obliterated and SS or GS user easily.
By Anonymous
Oh Ja!
By Anonymous
One of only 2 weapons in the game that can’t true combo its R1’s when 2 Handed, the other being the Great Machete. You’re going to lose hyper armor trades if you want to combo (which only works with 1h) and you’re going to get out damaged when admiring through a heavy weapon’s attack. Honestly, **** the devs for not fixing that bug.
By Anonymous
"OOGOO BOOGOO AXE USER SMART" If you are an actually Smart player, use the Broken Straight Sword!!
By Anonymous
noob i didnt even used weapons and i killed yhorm with punches
By Anonymous
lmao you aren´t as funny as pkcs guy, get off this website
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Such a shame the devs dropped the ball on the Machete weapons. Making their 2H R1’s fail to actually stunlock into each other (unlike literally every single other weapon in the game) makes the machetes essentially useless on their own.
If you use them for the hyper armor, you’re going to lose trades with other weapons since you will only land 1 hit as opposed to 2.

And if you’re thinking “then I’ll just 1-hand it so I can combo”, you lose most of your hyper armor.

I cannot possibly understand why the devs made every single other weapon (including Greataxes with the same exact moveset) combo, but decided “hey, let’s just screw over the machete weapons!”
By DemonsSoulsMaster
People have worked around this though by using a straight sword in the right hand and using this in the offhand.
By Surdus_Anguis
You don't lose that much hyperarmour. It's still easy to outtrade any that's not an ultra weapon
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By Lotla
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By how much does the warcry boost the damages?
By Anonymous
Highest AR on pure strength weapons with no DEX investments. Black knight greataxe on 66STR/60DEX while two handing has an AR of 724. Dear people, learn how to speak
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