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By Anonymous
"it got nerfed" shut up it looks cool
By Anonymous
Underrated little thing
By Anonymous
This is the closest thing that resembled the iron round shield form ds1, and yet....... This is what came form the easterners ashes. Disappointing. Why is it that most games from FROMSoft have something so wonderful and so " Grossly incandescent", then they ruin it in a squeal game. Damm, this hurts
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Cocaine is a hell of a drug
By Anonymous
he wants to know why they keep reusing ugly assets, but refuse to reuse things like the wanderer's set, for instance.
By Anonymous
He just comments on the nerf iron round shield got in DS3 dumb heads. What's so difficult to get?
By Anonymous
what the **** is going on with this shield? infusing it with sharp literally just makes the scaling a worse D, adds no dex scaling, but refined works as intended
By Anonymous
...Why would you want a sharp shield?
By Anonymous
To stab people with it, of course
By KilanDroy
can be just an int foem give you that a sharpened shield is a joke