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By Anonymous
This and scythes in general are great against Lothric Knights, it has the perfect match of stamina damage, poise damage and speed. Sword knights cannot respond to an attack with their usual downward sword attack that usually gets you if you use weaker or slower weapons, and spear knights cannot attack from shielding, or cover behind the shield in the first place if you're doing direct hits. Still have to try against greatsword knights...
By Anonymous
For a frost build: this or friede’s? What is the difference? Thanks
By Anonymous
This= limited frost time (30 seconds)
Friedes= spam untill you empty both blur bar and green bar
By Anonymous
PVP: If frostbite is the most important thing on your build then pontiff's by far. You can frostbite some people with single WA and roll away before they hit you (work on your timing). Friede scythe is mich better weapon overall. Far superior moveset - one handed the same as Pontiffs but better range, two handed a little bit slower, longer range and a lot of true combos to pull off, plus WA R1 has tons of poise, very high damaging, WA R2 does ice spikes AoE. With Pontiffs you rarely outrange people, but its more consistent in landing 2H R1 R2 combo that does quite good damage.
PVE: Friede's scythe 100%, cause you dont need to spend FP and keep your buff up to cause frost buildup.
By Anonymous
FYI: Friede's magic damage ONLY applies to the weapon art combo. When used normally, it does only its physical damage. Also the WA L1 takes ages. Meanwhile, PKGS can frostbite almost immediately with the WA AoE and has decent hyperarmor
By Anonymous
Got it to drop first try and I wasn't even trying to get it. Too bad that character was a FTH build.......
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