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By SndRC9
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I used this for like 20 hours
never seen a single bleed proc
didn't even know that this had bleed
By Anonymous
You guys don’t get it…this is the best scythe because it’s the greatest scythe.
By Anonymous
No we get it. But it's just everyone believes they are corvian so they go for the corvian great scythe.
By Anonymous
A dependable and fun weapon. Too bad there are better options.
By Anonymous
In ds1 it was my best damage dealer weapon! High str dex and fai (40/40/40) finished ng7 with this weapon only but in ds3 its not the same I miss the moveset from ds1.
By Anonymous
With this and Lifehunt Scythe + Prayer Set you can make a really cool reaper build
By Anonymous
And it can be a pretty awesome weapon too, completed NG+ 7 with only this weapon. Sometimes it was hard but i only died 8 times.
By Anonymous
even without magic or firebombs,throwing knife etc. ?
By Anonymous
The weapon is actually really fun in pvp, it’s got a cool move set, and the bleed is very handy when dealing with sheilds. I put on the robe and hood of prayer, so now I look like a true grim reaper (:
By Anonymous
This weapon is complete trash and failing in living up to its former glory days. I feel bad for any of you casuls who think this weapon is good, PKCS is the best weapon ever and you guys should start using it.
By Anonymous
Damn, DS3 has really the worst community.
Just shut up, you're worthless.
By Anonymous
Im doing a whole play through with it currently, and it’s actually really fun to use. Maybe you’re the “casual”, because all you do is use what people on Reddit tell you to use...
By Anonymous
Stfu imbecile
By Anonymous
found the pkcs guy in every wiki page lmfao
By Anonymous
Did everyone ryly miss the ****ing joke
By Anonymous
Well, jokes are supposed to be funny
By Anonymous
So i think there's three types of PKCS commenters on this site. First type genuinely think PKCS is the best and will defend it at any cost. Second type is just baiting people into replying and wasting people's time, and the third type makes the PKCS joke/bait way too obvious but they're still the ones that get upvoted at the end of the day.
By Anonymous
imagine getting tilted by this good god how fragile
By Anonymous
I think the inputs for chaos or dark might be wrong. How does A/A scaling for dark give 231 AR, while B/B scaling give 241?
By Anonymous
useless. Not a meta weapon like the pontiff knight curved sword (PKCS) Discard asap if you find it
By Anonymous
"dIScarD asAP"
PKCS is the worst weapon in ds3 for 1 reason, people like YOU. Stating every weapon is trash and useless and saying "Use the PKCS" is super toxic. Just because a weapon isn't meta doesn't mean its trash, it means it means that is doesn't fit all the category to be S/SS/S+ tier, like yes we can all agree DSA, broken straight sword, and Dark Hand are all at classed a Meta SL (SL90-140) and higher but that is because Dark hand can't be upgraded, broken straight sword just had bad stats, and DSA has D scaling at max.
By Anonymous
ok meta slave
By Anonymous
found the pkcs guy!
By Anonymous
Feed the troll. It's funny seeing children not realise this obvious joke
By Anonymous
Slashing with this weapon feels so satisfying, especially the sound it makes and pulling off bleed gives that extra oempff!
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