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By Anonymous
Not even close imo the best spell in the game.
By Anonymous
What's the best spell then?
By Anonymous
01 Feb anon I think they're saying it's the best spell.
By Anonymous
anon 2 febb
we all know pkcs is the best spell
By Anonymous
<20 ATT use LA. If you got close to the cap(35) then this becomes one of the scariest things in the game at 60 FTH +10 canvas tal. don’t have your talisman equipped for element of surprise.
By Anonymous
"Faith builds suck" *Laughs in 2 hit stagger on KOTS*
By Anonymous
So, for this "ranged" spell called "sunlight spear" (if we can even keep calling it a "spear"), to work properly and deal some decent damage, you gotta cast it right in front of the target. And this hyper armor wa on talismans seems almost mandatory for this to work...

So, apart from the amount of fp it eats away with each cast + the wa of the talisman, it requires 40 faith as minimum. And also you have to play with trades and, somehow, outdamage an enemy with this. So you need to invest 35 points in vigor to survive the trades, 20 points in attunement just to be able to cast it 3 times at least, 40 faith to use it and probably 20 points more for it to start doing good damage, and avobe 20 dex/strength to use one of the very few weapons that works well with faith in this game, wich you re forced to use because you re going to run out of fp unless you add 30 more points in attunement and get like 4 extra casts.

So from lvl1 (deprived) you gotta boost your character to level 100-110 with the stats mentioned above, just for this miracle to get good results...

Srry but this isn't ideal. Faith builds are forced to be tanky builds as well because of this mechanic the spears are given, and we all know tanks are not a thing anymore for how much bloodbornish gameplay ds3 sucked in. Use lightning arrow instead.
By Anonymous
45 vigor is absurd are you trying to trade with someone wielding an ultra greatsword, yes it is a spear because it's a long pointy thing you poke people with, why do you acknowledge that the spell has to be cast up close and personal but tear it down because you don't wanna, why are you just trying to tank every attack when rolling is a mechanic and why would you say the faith requirement is to the miracle's detriment when there are two other llightning spears that both have lower requirements that also aren't literally end of the run spells.
By Anonymous
If you re going to tell that this guy is wrong, at least back it up with a believable, well written reason. And he said 35 vigor, not 45.

And while i disagree with sunlight spear not being good, i agree with the "tank" role being ditched out by bloodbornish mechanics copy-pasted into a strategic game like dark souls. They fcked up there.
By Anonymous
"(can we even call it spear?)"
a spear is designed to be thrown

By Anonymous
sorry for making it two comments but im ****ing stupid and didn't realise you thought spears were designed to be thrown

they also stab at melee range
By Anonymous
You gotta Git Gud kid
By Anonymous
You do know that you can't get this miracle before the end of the game do you? Y know when you can easily be around SL 90 and over? Also 20 dex and strength? Rly? Ever heard about lightning infusions?
By Anonymous
I use SLSpear at SL50 and it does just fine
By Anonymous
Occasionally the spear will miss at point blank ranges, and only the secondary hit box will strike. When this happens, your target will take noticeably less damage than expected, as the spear does the majority damage. Certain attacks and weapon arts which duck an opponents body or otherwise shift it in an evasive way will increase the likely hood that the spear misses at point blank range.
By Anonymous
Sunlight spear in dks3 is the best version
Fast cast, melee range (just use your brain), tons of damage.
I've even sometimes hit with this at point blank with yorshka's in pvp.
With support spells (stake, light.arrow, storm) or weapon (sunlight sword typically), 60 fth builds are deadly.
But I agree that they need mind game and are pretty risky (but very fun also).
By Anonymous
Sunlight Spear in DS3 is the WORST version. DS1 version did great damage, though it forced you to stay in the Sunlight Covenant. And DS2's Miracles across the board were amazing even post nerf. Because, you know, the spears could hit an "L" curve to hit a rolling addict if timed well and still had crazy good damage regardless of you casting it at range or melee range. And best of all, you didn't need to have beaten the game already to get the spell in that game.
By Anonymous
Stop trying to cast at a distance like this is ds1 and stop comparing it to ds1 without mentioning how it took up 2 spell slots and have 5 casts back then.
By Anonymous
Ds3's version is SHAMEFUL in every aspect. 1rst, is a ranged spell by it's roots, and not a melee spell per-se. A wonky mechanic isn't enough to fix that. With lightning stake and lightning arrow around, what's the point of this one?

2nd: as a miracle from the lord of sunlight, it only makes sense that only the knights of the old royality could use it. Now an aldrich faithful can spam it whenever he wants.

3rd: what made this miracle a forced to be reckoned with wasn't only the huge damage, but also the knockback. Both are gone, and now we only have a fancier lightning spear.
By Anonymous
19 Feb anon Sunlight Spear does three times the damage of lightning arrow and you can bait people into a close range poise cast easily resulting in 800 - 1200 damage. Even if it did suck, which is most certainly doesn't, it would make sense that it would be a lesser version of its former self because lore wise Gwyn is almost all but forgotten.
By Anonymous
"YoU dOnT uNdErsTaNd ThE mEcHaNiCs, PoIsE cAsT, ShOoT aT mElEe RaNgE wItH tHiS, JuSt TrAdE, bLa BlA bLa..."

How many more of these fools do i have to one-shot with great soul dregs for ppl to understand trading with miracles isn't a good idea?

Well, can't be helped i guess. Hexers always wins.
By Anonymous
How on earth does Great Soul Dregs OHKO a faith build, which naturally sports the highest dark resistance of every build?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Hey..? You ok? You hit your head pretty hard o.o... What are you talking about? Cast time? Attacking from distance? Here, take Canvas Talisman and cast Sunlight Spear with Hyperarmor right into the enemies face for easily over 1000dmg! They run away or don't engage? Go for Med Heal!
By Anonymous

Everyone: Miracle build can’t do damage
Me: [Laughs in Sunlight Spear]
No really. One time I was in an undead match with a Lion Knight Albert cosplayer, and I poise casted this in his face. I had 60 fth and the saints talisman. ROTSF and Mornes ring. ( not lightning clutch) I did 1231 damage and one shotted him. Compared with the poise casting and relatively fast casting time, it’s a great miracle. If I had worn lightning clutch and not FaP ring then I would done so much moar. So yea,miracle builds can do damage( and I am aware of the high FP cost but high level miracle build at end game where you get the spell it isn’t really a problem) Also people who hate me and say css is better I can’t hear you over the sound of your animation getting interrupted
By Anonymous
This spell must be miyazaki's D, because everyone who sucked it jumps whenever it's obvious flaws are shown. Pyros and mages won't even bother dodging this as they launch their overall better css or cbv.
By Anonymous
Do they have poise?
By Anonymous
Dodging..? It s a melee spell for trading. If you compare this to range sorceries or mid range pyromancies, you do not just suck, in addition you totally lack understanding of mechanics lol
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