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By Anonymous
Bloodborne called, they want their enemy back
By Anonymous
Managing to kill one without cheese is fun but the issue is the real risk of you dying just as you are actually killing it, so you end up losing the ring it drops for the whole playthrough. On my very first playthrough of the game, i killed the cathedral one by duelling it 'cause i didn't know any better yet, but it cursed me at the same time so it's loot disappeared as if it was a common enemy. More recently, i lured the Anor Londo one outside and it ended up engaged in the stairs while i was still at the top and, as i crit it to death, my character glitched under the map, killing me and locking the ruby. Low blow. Just, why does it not behave like some of the other unique loot dropped by enemies or bosses and auto-land in your inventory or simply respawns where the Accursed initially was on the map?...
By Anonymous
very easy to deal with for a melee build. they seem to like dodging ranged attacks
By Anonymous
Does anyone know the entity ID for the Anor Londo Accursed
By Anonymous
Aren't you a little far from Yharnam?
By Anonymous
Least sexually-attractive enemy in the game
By Anonymous
Clearly you don't know of the people who sexualize predators.
By Anonymous
I remember the first time I saw one I was like ''OH **** OH **** OH **** RUNNNNNNNNNNN'' but then I hit it one time on the head with a Morning Star and this dude pretty much lost 50% of his health.
Hard to be scared of something that dies so easily.
By Anonymous
Chaos Bed Vestiges to the face does instant stagger, ready to be finished.
By Anonymous
they are easy to chese by getting them sutuk in doors i killed the ABYSS WATCHERS only nameless king and midir are harder
By Anonymous
wtf indeed
By Anonymous
How do you change the subject in the middle of a sentence? When people do it while speaking it's odd, but to be able to do it while writing? That's just strange.
How can you lose focus in the middle of a truck drove right into me and I was sent to hospital.
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