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By Anonymous
Ik its a meme, but honestly its just not that good. I really feel like the Follower Saber, Sellswords and definitely the Demon Scar are better weapons. Even then, I don’t find curved swords that great anyway
By Anonymous
Lol sell swords are OP. Follower saber breaks guard, not sure why u classify them so low.
By Anonymous
Incel neckbeard weapon, use broken straight sword like a REAL GAMMER!
By Anonymous
Yeah, no. Light weapons are garbage. Anyone who says otherwise is garbage at the game and doesn’t know how to space or abuse poise
By Anonymous
U must be one if those heavy weapon meta junkies then
By Anonymous
pretty good weapon as a sidearm for my broken SS
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
I'm more of a biscuit guy, myself
By Anonymous
That's a weird looking pike.
By Anonymous
This weapon is a mystery to me, everyone says it's **** and garbage everyone says it's a cancerous meta pvp weapon, I dont know which one is the joke, dear God please show me mercy, what is the truth
By Anonymous
Its an okay weapon not great its just the ds3 community has an inside joke where we say that the pkcs is the best weapon in the game because there was someone who unironically thought that it was the best weapon
By Anonymous
For Pve its ok nothing special. Cool WA though. While in pvp its a very good weapon due to mostly its range and move set rather than its damage. But that lack of damage is compensated by once again its quick move set.
By Anonymous
Okay guys, serious talk time: the pkcs guy bullsh*t needs to stop. It's not funny or cool or interesting, and it's incredibly frustrating for people looking for actual help to see some crappy sweat troll posting "pkcs is best weapon gaming history" when pkcs legit sucks @ss. I know a lot of people feel the same way I do and when I saw the sh1t that someone yesterday put in the Weapons page chat, I decided it was long past time to stop this. Moderators or whoever pls remove all crappy unfunny pkcs comments!
By Anonymous
For those of us wondering wtf Anon 25 Sep. 2021 16:17 is talking about, I've helpfully copied the comment in question.

When will dumbáss ds3 community learn to drop trash weapons? My gank squad destroys endless trash scrubs who think that 500+ hours have made them pvp gods and chasethebro-level invaders. I ember up and password summon my 3 sl 802 sunbros and as if that weren't enough we all have dual wield pkcs, best weapon gaming history. People say pkcs is bad so they feel like weak tiny trash when we point down their ásses and poop on their bullshít "quality builds" with crappy exile greatswords and rks. We destroy so many dark spirits that now they mostly black crystal out as soon as they see my name. We are so powerful with pkcs and expert gank tactics that we can often clear the whole ringed city of mobs before the first invader shows up and dámn does he not know how fúcked he is when he runs up with hcsm over his thrall good and duel bows at me. I love bowing back and doing legion etiquette then using pkcs weapon art when he opens his gesture screen. Needless to say we point down these invading shītbags. One day dark spirit retards will figure out to use PKCS, but until then keep sucking our dung piez.
By Anonymous
That's why it's funny, it pisses off dumb people like you
By Anonymous
Pkcs guy is cool and funny and u are a virgin swettlord. Get over it.
By Anonymous
Imma go and like the comment just because it pisses you off you cancerous troll
By Anonymous
pog knight cool sword best waifu FRICK fire keeper disgusting we all know this is the best
By Anonymous
I climax when I use the WA
By Anonymous
I can only partially agree with "Anon 25 Sep. 2021 16:17".

The rise of the lazily copy-pasted PKCS comments is indeed a troubling development, as they sully the highly important cultural legacy the original PKCS guy brought to this wiki.

Sh*tposting is a very complex and fickle art, which is very hard to master.
The original PKCS guy was/is evidently very gifted in this particular craft.

So, instead of blindly deleting/banning PKCS comments, we should rather encourage creative comments (like the post made on 10 Sep 2021 17:28 on the Soul of Cinder page) so we may some day bask in the incandescent presence of the original PKCS once again.

Also, never take anything too seriously.
By Anonymous
Exactly!!! BSS is soooooooooooooo much better than PKCS! Allwasy use BSS instead!!!
By Anonymous
This weapon is not good. It’s redeeming qualities aren’t redeeming enough compared to similar weapons to make this weapon viable. Like take a good look at the PKCS and tell me that you would want to use this weapon over it.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
Casual scum, you dare to insult the increadable grand dad! Übersetze dies
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
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