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By Anonymous
Been looking at staves to see which one I should chose on my character, and all the spell buffs are wrong. All the ones I have atm have much more spell buff than stated on the wiki. And these are all upgraded! Was there an update buffing spell buff and this wiki wasn’t updated, like, ever?
By Anonymous
Unupgraded* not upgraded.
By Anonymous
Where is spell buff!!!
By Anonymous
This thing is just Ugly
By Anonymous
Fattest lie I've ever heard
By Anonymous
tell that in Beatrice's face
By xdaxcaptainx
someone should seriously edit this. sorcerers only overtakes heretics for like 4 levels before this thing retakes the top spot all the way up to the point that CSS replaces it.
By Anonymous
Who knew you had to be so smart to hold and use a staff
By Anonymous
So for the deepest lore; This means Beatrice was a heretic? But she was trying to fight the abyss? Also there was an unused child model of Beatrice slightly linking her to Berserk's Schirke who is an angel. Hmm.... Hmmmmmmm..........
By Anonymous
This is in the domain of Cathedral of the Deep where they worship a literal hole in the ground, so probably yes.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I feel like it should have some kind of dark scaling because "Heretic"
By Anonymous
Meeting the str requirements does not affect spellbuff. It allows the use of the steady chant and removes the negative dmg scaling on the staffs physical attack. Note you can instantly meet the requirements by 2 handing!