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By Anonymous
Anyone around to help me farm shackles? Xbox name dodo2k15
By PaladinDread
I'm farming them myself on my SL10 invader build. So far, in about an hour, I've earned 17. I'm having tons of fun as a low level invader.
By Anonymous
need help farming shackles please
Steam name SpaceIsGood
ive got 21 so far
By Anonymous
Still up to the farming? :)
Steam ID 68787096
By Anonymous
Best covenant in game. Change my mind
By Anonymous
i am looking for someone to help with the vertebra shackle farming. i have 6 from trying to get them from the catacombs but it is very tedious and boring. if someone is willing to help me out with this it would be awesome. PSN is Deathreign.
By Anonymous
Watching this comment section makes me wish hodrick and tsorig invaded together in the catacombs.
By Anonymous
To Baron Blazeflame or what ur name was I forgot (guy with firelink helm), thank you for helping me farm vertebrae in the catacombs with no communication at all, just gestures, summon signs, and mutual understanding XD! Thanks to u I have only 4 vertebrae left to reach 30.

As a tip to anyone else, if you go the Catacombs of Carthus bonfire, and find purple summon signs from players wearing the Symbol of Avarice, they are also farming vertebrae. You can help by summoning them and letting them kill you, if they are friendly and notice you let them kill you, once u respawn leave ur own Red Soapstone sign and they just might summon you and let you kill them just like you did. Remember to be polite with gestures, 2/4 players I encountered with this method understood and we helped each other out. ALSO NOTE: If you summon a purple phantom to your world and then kill them, you don't get a vertebrae. So there's nothing to gain from being a ****.
By GreySkale45
Having finished up most of the invasion covenants (barring Aldrich Faithful since I'm SL30), I can say this is the best covenant to wear when you're invading for fun. The main appeal for me is the worlds with more phantoms to kill, and the fact that if you die, the host gets a covenant item out of it. It's a win-win; either you get the satisfaction of taking out a host and their crew, or the host gets Estus refills and one less Shackle to farm down the road.

Being a friendly White Sign purple in Cathedral is also cool. One build I had worked around being a "tour guide" of sorts, with a Torch and Talisman to cast healing miracles (and totally not Force). My offhands had a parry shield and a Fire Dagger, while I had the Hornet Ring and Untrue Dark ring equipped. Even in basic clothing, I got great results from critting Thralls, Cathedral Knights, and invaders who wanted a piece of my victim. Every time we opened a shortcut back to the bonfire, I'd signal that it was time to fight, and even though my results were 50/50, I always got resummoned.

The amount of friend requests I'd received at the end of my few days on this character genuinely makes me happy. There's really no reason to have anything else equipped if you're playing general multiplayer, unless you're pure co-op and want to Praise the Sun at the end of a great boss battle.

Take care, folks, and best of luck farming or playing <3
By Anonymous
Tour guide :D I love everything about that
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