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By Anonymous
So why is patches original name was trusty patches but now he is unbreakable patches so maybe he tricks people because he lives for ever but how he may be a God or does what he does for the better good but the strangest thing is who. Who where the people that was in the pit and how. How could patches be a god without everyone knowing
By Anonymous
help i need to get caterina set i need now, im level 31 and my friend is helping me he is level 343, where to find Patches?
By 0rion
Wiki is wrong, you do get suriised dialogue if you killed the giants first, but afterward he does still appear before Rosaria pretending poorly to not be the same guy
By Anonymous
If you buy the tower key early (I did it just after arriving at undead settlement) and go to the tower he will not show up to lock the door
By Anonymous
wrong, if you go up the lift and back down again he'll appear.
By Anonymous
Just as my good ol' and wise grandma always said: "Don't, ever, trust middle aged bald men with an accent"
By Anonymous
BULL****. I revived Argo at the purging monument and re-did the bossfight (I summoned him, idk if this helps) and he came back from lothric castle
By Anonymous
I just tried that and he didn’t reappear
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