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By Anonymous
Life Ring is a pretty poor choice since once you turn in the Dreamchasers Ashes you can buy one at Firelink for 1500 souls (Sovereignless soul gift is worth 2000). It's a %HP bonus, so it is weakest at the start of the game.

Fire Gem is ok, but you get a Fire Gem from the demon fight with Siegward, which is before fire damage becomes particularly useful against the log hollows in the Crucifixion Woods and the slimes in the Cathedral. You can infuse a dagger with it early and use it for ripostes, with most builds no infusion will outdo it for a very long time

The young white branch lets you skip going up the sniper parapet to get one from the giant, but you really may as well. If you're speedrunning you won't go anywhere the giant shoots anyway.

Gold coins are my personal favorite starting gift to try and get a Symbol of Avarice from mimics. Symbol helps you get tons of souls by equipping it after a boss dies, and helps with item drop farming like for proofs of a concord kept in Anor Londo.

Bombs are the choice for speedruns as they help kill Iudex in record time. If you're not speedrunning, you can trade one to Picklepee for a titanite chunk, but you'll find some black bombs in the high wall anyway, and that's well before chunks become usable, so there's no reason to rush.

The blessings seem useless, but can be traded to Picklepee to get a corresponding archtree message head earlier than normal, if that excites you.

Cracked orbs are the absolute most worthless gift, Leonhard gives you a bunch early and it doesn't take long at all to get the permanent Red Eye orb. If you use them at the High Wall you're more than liable to encounter a twink in full Havel's with dark hand, and that's not a fight worth picking.
By Anonymous
Don't anyhow give advice. The best startup burial gift is the Young White Branch as it will negate being hurt by giant arrows right from the start, which is also the part where new players having trouble with.
By Anonymous
Why not just talk to the giant for one? You're gonna have to pretty much pass by him, anyway

Even if you don't get the branch at all, you can still loot the area he guards and get to the Curse-Rotted Greatwood, albeit far less conveniently. Not to mention that the branch only helps for a very short part of the game, whereas the Life Ring and the weapon you can infuse with a Fire Gem can have much longer-lived benefits
By Anonymous
By Gwyn some of the advice given here is...bad, just so, so bad. And lemme explain why as well as tell ya what gifts are the most ideal to take.

Life Ring: It's a ring that increases your HP by 7%, which is downright useless early game while late game there will be other rings that have far, FAR useful effects than this garbage. I say useless because it will add 30-ish flat HP if you pick the Knight class, which absolutely nothing against heavy hitting enemies. Gundyr himself isn't that hard once you learn how to bare hand parry his attacks in the first phase, while second phase his attacks are very telegraphed.

Divine Blessing: It's a one-time 100% HP heal and once it's gone it's gone. It was pointless in DS1 and it's pointless now.

Hidden Blessing: Divine Blessing that heals Focus instead of HP - why isn't this gift a meme?

Black Firebomb: Same with the Divine Blessing, once they're gone that's it. Using these against Gundyr might be tempting, but you're better off practicing parrying his attacks and learning his moveset than wasting a gift slot. And for those who scream that you can trade this for a Chunk, there are Black Firebombs in the starting area of the High Wall, just above the fountain with the Winged Knight.

Fire Gem: While this one may sound tempting, know that the Demon in the Undead Settlement that you fight with Siegward also drops one of these, so it all really depends on whether or not you need 2 Fire infused weapons or not. Situational, but definitely not essential.

Sovereignless Soul: "Many souls" = 2000 souls, lel. Not worth it in terms of both buying stuff and leveling up, just learn how to do the parkour tree jump at Firelink and get the Silver Snek ring early for 10% more souls - way better stuff.

Gold Coins: Alright, so this one may be really, REALLY tempting since Gold Coins are kinda rare in the game, with only one enemy dropping them (not very consistently, mind you), but again - this is a consumable, so once its gone then it's done. +100 Item Discovery for 60 seconds? Nah, Imma just transpose the Crystal Sage soul into the Crystal Sage rapier and put it in my offhand while I 2-hand my main weapon for constant 50 Item Discovery. Even better if yer a Dex build and the Rapier is your main weapon, since 2-handing it will boost your Item Discovery by 100 instead of 50.

Cracked Red Eye Orbs: Lel, really? Seriously, you can just get these from Leonhard, grab a Pale Tongue in the Undead Settlement/Cathedral and get a Red Eye orb for perma access to invasions. Don't fall for the bait gift.

Young White Branch: This. The ONLY gift that MATTERS. But here's the thing - the whole point of this gift is to NOT USE IT AT ALL. Because carrying this in your inventory will make the Giant Archer at the Undead Settlement friendly from the start, meaning no more running through the rain of great arrows every time you cross through his killzone. That and it's nice to know that your Ashen One was friends with the Giant Archer in the past, as this item very much implies to be the case.

Hope this helped!
By Anonymous
I second this but for a totally different reason and one I didn’t discover until years of playing ... the burial gift branch is 1 of 3 separate kinds meaning that it counts as an inventory item and can’t be obtained any other way. This is only important to collectors and 100% inventory addicts.
By Anonymous
So yeah it has a good use in game by having the giant be passive from the start, it has sentimental value because of it’s description and it’s a one of a kind item for collectors. The best starting gift for certain.
By Anonymous
You do realize that you can take a different path to escape the arrows and still befriend the giant correct?
By Anonymous
Having consumables as starting gifts is pointless, once you use them you might as well have chosen nothing. The blessings specially. "Wow, I can heal one more time in the entire game". I think they should recharge at every bonfire, just like estus. That way you get an extra heal/magic recharge per life. I think this would also work for the branch and the fire bombs and maybe the coins if you got less, the others not so much.
By Anonymous
It should also be noted that taking the white branch makes the giant at the Undead Settlement start out as friendly. No giant arrows flying at your head as you go through the area is pretty nice.
By Anonymous
The early fire gem is pretty good early on. A lot of enemies in the early areas writhe in pain when hit with fire damage (dogs, Pus of Man, etc.).
By Anonymous
to me the best for all the builds is life ring
By Anonymous
My guy it's like 7% extra HP, that's like 30 or 40 hp if you start as a knight, worthless early game as it's not enough and it's worthless mid to late game because then you'll have way better options for your ring slots.
By Anonymous
If you're class is pyromancer i recommend the fire gem to infuse your weapon with
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By Huntercin
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fire infusion is flat damage so it scales with nothing, if you want a fire weapon with scaling better wait till you get a chaos infusion.
By Anonymous
Burial Gift Ranking, in my opinion:
1. Young White Branch — Makes getting through Settlement much easier and that value can't really be understated as there's no other way of getting it; blending into the environment works well for areas like Irithyll.
2. Fire Gem — More of a thing for SL1, as an alternative to the Raw Gem, but nevertheless a nice option to have, especially since they are rather hard to come by.
3. Black Firebombs — Helps out with Gundyr, helps out with the Pus of Man for early titanite, and one can be traded for a Chunk, which is also pretty good.
4. Life Ring — CAN be purchased pretty early on, but if you're the kind of player who likes some extra Vigour early on, then Life Ring can really go pretty far because you've got four ring slots and it takes a while to get four good ones.
5. Sovereignless Soul / Gold Coin — It really depends on what kind of player you are. If you are a new player and are looking for an extra few levels early, then the Soul works, but its benefits are fleeting and you can just farm instead. Coins are good in case you really wanna get specific items which drop from enemies, such as Black Knights' stuff.
6. Divine Blessing — Rare item that is pretty decent, but can also end up being pointless; I can't think of a particular encounter that this item really helps with, but it can be a decent option if you're planning to go for a chonky build with lots of defences and health.
7. Hidden Blessing — Allot your Estus properly and you'll never need it, even if you find yourself short on HP otherwise, then the Divine Blessing still beats this as that also cures ailments. No reason to get this over the Divine Blessing.
8. Cracked Red Eye Orb — Even if you are a PvP player, this is just awful; you can get five of these at Firelink and they are a guaranteed drop from the Darkwraiths in Farron.
By Anonymous
There are five fire bombs just outside of Gundyr's arena, and you can find 3 black fire bombs in the high wall for the titanite chuck trade. Also getting the young white branch from the giant is easy, just make a break for his tower. And once you arrive at his tower quit the game in order to reset the enemies chasing you, and go up the lift and talk to the giant and you have the young white branch well still being able to pick an actually useful starting gift.
By Anonymous
Divine Blessing and Hidden Blessing are underrated. No amount of estus management or allocating pro strats can prepare you for a tight situation (especially in online co-op/invasions) where you simply find yourself low. Very common situation as a dedicated spell caster. Maybe as a sword swinging warrior, it's trivial since FP won't matter and you will have full 15 Estus once every shard is obtained.
By Anonymous
I've said it before and i'll say it again: There is a different path you can take to completely avoid the arrows and still befriend the giant.
By Anonymous
it's also worth mentioning that you can trade the firebomb and the blessings to pickle pee
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