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By squeet
Honestly one of the coolest bosses in the series, its a genuine shame the fight against him is such a joke
By Anonymous
A shame, but at the same time, fighting against an enemy with Onion Bro Siegward is always a treat.
By Anonymous
Well, you're free to fight him without the storm ruler and siegward if you'd rather not take advantage of his one weakness
By Anonymous
Its bed of chaos all over again
By Anonymous
And I thought Midir had a lot of health
By Anonymous
bow before lord yhorm and sir sigward lords of the profaned capital
By Anonymous
Yhorm the Average
By Anonymous
just a thought how old actually is yhorm hes been around for years so wonder how old are favorite giant king is

i wonder if he should consider retirement
By Anonymous
Siegward got instakilled by him while I was equipping the sword lol. Still an easy fight
By Anonymous
Sometimes I come here just to read the yhorm feet comment
By Anonymous
You have cursed me with this knowledge i would have stopped scrolling long before that accursed wall of text if not for you. I fear i might go hollow after witnessing this atrocity
By Anonymous
you're welcome
By Anonymous
The only lord of cinder I shed a tear for yhorm was a good guy he just wanted to be given a honourable death rip
By Anonymous
if there was a option for me sigward and yhorm to all chill and have a toast and tell story's of are deeds and tales I would love that
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