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By Anonymous
Really nice pokey-stick for a Strength-Faith build. Probably not something you want as a primary, but it's quite useful against Midir.
By Anonymous
holy **** i had no idea you could infuse this. no wonder my ar is so laughably bad
By Anonymous
It fits with the story, but it's also kinda false advertising to say that it gets power from faith & has an A scaling when Blessed, but also has the worst damage in that infusion.
By Anonymous
it gets damage from faith even without infusion though. it is good on a high faith buff build
By Anonymous
Saint Biden
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
i have 30 faith and lightening infusion but i’m only dealing like 50 damage to people wtf, why is it so weak??
By Anonymous
Sweet spot mechanic, similar to reaper weapons. You have to hit with the tip of the weapon, where the spearhead is.
By Anonymous
also Miyazaki forgot to make spears deal damage
By Anonymous
for a 40/40 dex faith build would it be better to go sharp with dmb or lightning
By Anonymous
Sharp with darkmoon blade if you have the spell slot available don't mind buffing.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
joe bident
By Anonymous
take my upvote and leave
By Anonymous
C'mon man!
By Anonymous
anti-malarkey aktion
By Anonymous
Good at stealing wins and elections alike.
By Anonymous
The election wasn't stolen, your brains were.
By Anonymous
Casual str/faith build blue who disconnect and let his host die by invaders . ( the point is Afghanistan )
By Anonymous
@September 8 Anon
The election was stolen and you are DELUSIONAL for denying it lmao
By Anonymous
@sep 27 anon go back to facebook
By Anonymous
@Oct 14 anon I don't use Facebook, also learn to read post dates, also also the election was stolen.
By Anonymous
why is the max table and blessed/lightning maxed not the same scaling on fth?
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