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By Anonymous
I think he's repairing a crystal estoc with a durability of 1. Or its some masterpiece we'll never get to see.

Anyway, his ordinary presence in ds3 confirms he's a member of Gwyn's race.
By Anonymous
This man has been hammering on that Estoc for millennia.
By Anonymous
Andre The Chadsmith, spends thousands of years endlessly hitting a sword on an anvil, only stopping to talk to the Ashen One every now and then. I feel like he should be considered a god of smithing or something by now. Hell, I wouldn't even be surprised if we find out that he's Gwyn's uncle or something.

I wonder what happened to him in the Untended Graves. After Gundyr failed to link the fire and the world entered the Age of Dark, did he quit blacksmithing ? Did he move somewhere else? Well,nobody else can be found in Firelink there except the Handmaid and the corpse of Irina, so maybe they all went somewhere else. He must have gone in a hurry because his anvil and tools are still left in firelink...
By Anonymous
I’ve always wondered what became of him too
By Anonymous
bro! the legend himself andre
By Anonymous
is Andre a dwarf
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