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By Anonymous
dorthy`s gnawing op > dark fireball
By Anonymous
I know this will be obvious but if you have a lothric knight greatsword and level 30 faith you can do the lightning blade spell on your sword and during the scorcery attacks you can use vow of silence after the lightning blade spell and basically he can’t attack you while you do a lot of damage to him.
By Anonymous
Dex form, sounds like me in DS1 without Power Within and Poison mist.
By Anonymous
the soul when he pulls out the curved sword is not to be messed with i just run away from him until he swaps weapon
By Anonymous
New player guide: First, don’t underestimate him. He’s like Gundyr in that his attacks are easy to spot, and you can dodge pretty easily, but he has high hp and some deadly combos that can wipe even a tank player out if you are too slow even once. Fortunately, there is an easy strategy to destroying him. First, go to Central Irithyll bonfire, and kill the pontiff knights up the stairs. Then loot a PKCS. Upgrade to +5 and then ember up and use dried finger then destroy the fat Casul sweats who invade not knowing you’ve got a PKCS. Wreck them with the powerfull weapon art and the lightning quick r1 and parry them with ease with pkcs in off hand then riposte with your pkcs. be forewarned you will lose all your souls buying more dung pie for pooping on the fat scrubs that you kill. when you’ve killed so many dark spirit that you get bored with pkcs expert-level move set then go to soul of cinder and poop on his noob @ss after your pkcs anillates him. pkcs is best weapon gaming history and youll know it when you point down Fighter Pl like us top-tier pkcs users love doing in offtime from ng+ times 5000 because game is easy for us. first Elden ring users will all be Casul Aldrich faithfull who rage quit ds3 after getting trashed and pointed down by so many pkcs user.
By Anonymous
…are you ok, man?.
By Anonymous
This looked helpful for 1 sentence, but the “easy strategy” part made me wary. Little did I know how dumb it was gonna get…
By Anonymous
Aldrich Faithful wtf?
By Anonymous
this guy nuts to pkcs rule34
By Anonymous
Despite being resistant to fire damage, CBV quite literally melts his healthbar
That **** is OP and carried me through the latter half of my pyro playthrough
By Anonymous
Sorry for the confusion- what does CBV stand for?
By Anonymous
CBV stands for "Chaos Bed Vestiges". You can get this pyromancy by transposing the soul of the old demon king.
By Anonymous
I switched CBV to great chaos fire orb. Stand around hirm, roll his attacks and dump this on him and at his feet. Does way more damage than CBV. With CBV I died, with GCFO was a breeze
By Anonymous
Probably the most fun boss in the game. Is very interesting fighting not knowing what the enemy will use next. And it's not "almost impossible" for a new player to beat it, like Nameless King is.
By SantosJ17
man, I just finish this fight first try, I thought it was going to be difficult but it was pretty easy and I didn't summon any NPCs maybe I got lucky.
By Anonymous
Most fair yet challenging boss in the game in terms of balance, there are very little 'bullsh*t' attacks like Dancer's endless spin attack or Aldrich's instakill arrow rain. It is just a test of skill like Gundyr, and all attacks are well telegraphed. I recommend a fast weapon, UGS or Great Hammers are not so great for this fight unless you have mastered them. I used a +10 Heavy Flamberge to beat every boss in the game, and it's my go-to weapon of choice for STR builds.

My biggest tips: Be as aggressive as possible, he staggers after a few hits. The longer the fight takes, the more likely he is to surprise you with a new move you've never seen before. Stay close to him at all times except when you want to heal. Do not panic estus immediately when your health is low, wait for an opening, dodge and then drink up (unless you are far away enough).
By Anonymous
I unfortunately needed some summons to beat the game but beat it I did and I have no regrets
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