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By Anonymous
im starting to think dex weapons are the best ones for pve in the whole saga, in ds1 we had the monstrous uchigatana , in ds2 the overpowered rapiers, and in ds3 these things...
By Anonymous
dex weapons are usually the best in PvE since most are lightweight, fast, does decent damage and has quick recovery.
By Anonymous
Yeah unless your name is Demon’s souls
By Anonymous
If you lack pvp skills but stil want to win, put this on and gank with running L1 L2 L1. Good job, Miyazaki is proud of you.
By Anonymous
Dont know about pvp but literally the best weapon in pve it melts bosses with a proper build
By Anonymous
Best PvE combo: L1, L1, L1.
Best PvP combo: R1, L2, L1.
By Anonymous
Sellsword Twinblades, More like shiva the deceased
By Anonymous
This info seems to be wrong because the sellswords at +6 that im using have B scaling in both faith and intelligence when dark infused
By Anonymous
Haven’t seen a pkcs neckbeard on this page. Probably too scared to try to **** on the superior curved sword
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