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By Anonymous
This spell is actually very effective in pvp. Most people forget it has a projectile and they just try to roll out of melee range. I use it as a Spear of the Church to good effect. Something that's happened a few times, I throw crystal hail for area control and the enemy will rush me, so I pull out this as a kind of threat and I can either actually trade blows with it or more often catch them when they try to run away from it.
By Anonymous
Don't worry this sorcery does not count towards the achievement anyone like the guy who commented below me can rest easy. You only need base Dark Souls 3 stuff for all the achievements they didn't add any achievement related things with the DLCs.
By Anonymous
No, only main game no dlc so dont worry about that only worry about standard game for sorceries achievement (unless it peaks your interest in that case get it
By Anonymous
I transposed Midir's soul for the actual sword instead of this, now I'm massively regretting it cause I decided to get all the achievements, and that means to get the last sorcery I need to start a NG++ and finish like 70% of the ringed city and then fight this guy all over again.... ugh.

Pro Tip, don't transpose your lord souls right away, keep em until the end of the game where you can decide if you wanna 100% it or not.
By kansas_15
you actually dont need this sorcery for the trophy, because its from the DLC
By Anonymous
DLC doesnt count for acheivements.

source: I have the sorcery and pyromancy acheivements without even setting foot in the ringed city yet.
By Anonymous
you dont need dlc spells/miracles/pyros for the achievement fyi
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
10/10 for the visuals, very pretty. It's pretty **** other than that, could have been a buff spell or something.
By Anonymous
It’s literally the most efficient pure sorcery in the game. If both connect does more damage than css and has a faster charge time for less than half the magic
By Anonymous
theory midir is a dumbass who got his *** kicked by benhart using his fake gigachad sword and midir thought it was the real one cause he stupid as hell
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
According to the lore this is the MEMORY of an old sword found WITHIN Midir. So does that mean someone fought Midir with the physical version of this sword? So a previous knight or sorceror tried to fight Midir and maybe ended up being eaten with the sword or managing to stab Midir with the sword? This could explain Midir’s torn wings or previous damages.
By Anonymous
<<< this could prove the existence of a TRUE Moonlight Greatsword in Dark Souls 3 (this assumes Oceiros’ sword is fake, similar to dark souls 2.)
By Anonymous
This isn't Midir's Dark Laser! Why is this even a thing you can transpose from Midir? Why are either of them a thing? Frayed Blade was wielded by Halflight and we already got the MLGS from another thrashy dragon. You're telling me we couldn't get boss gear that actually makes sense to be transposed from Midir's soul? It's like they had those 2 items left over from their ideas and just threw it into the big optional dragon's loot pool
By Anonymous
This comment is over-seasoned.
Too much salt.
By Anonymous
The only connection I can piece together for Halflight was his gear is found in the room where you drop down to fight him. Maybe a version of him died to Midir trying to do what Shira is asking us to do? Beating Midir gets access to the covenant that Halflight is in to be summoned for the fight just like him, so there has to be some kind of connection.
By Ziklag
I like this spell, but having Mlgs and css already in my kit it kinda feels redundant. It can out damage single hit css and for the mp it's not bad. But for me at least if I wanted to not waist mp I will just use my mlgs, and if I want high damage css has shorter casts and can be done from a safe distance at least as far as pve is concerned. Haven't really tried it on bosses though.
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By Malikar
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PVP it's very potent, many people don't expect you to be able to hold it and panic so if you can time it you can roll catch, also it's a much much less known sorcery then CSS so that in itself is very valuable
By Sakerift
When you say much less know you mean it. I forgot it even existed and my build is a caster.
By Anonymous
What's the damage of the spell though? I like reading all this interesting lore about it but I don't wanna go all the way to midir just to find soul greatsword had a higher damage modifier
By Anonymous
Unfortunately, the soul greatsword out ranges and out damages this spell when uncharged. You can deal a decent amount of damage if you charge it. But, who has the time.....
By Anonymous
Old moonlight does more damage if you hit with both the sword and the shockwave. If you just hit with the shockwave it loses to soul GS.
By Anonymous
it hits like an absolute truck BUT only if you catch your enemies with their pants down. Outrageously broken in pve though
By Sakerift
If you charge it this massively out damages soul greatsword if you hit with both. Even if you don't it's still stronger if you hit with both parts. Now you can also control how long it takes to cast unlike other spells. Indeed, it appears to take only a little bit longer than Farron Flashsword (I have yet to obtain it to compare side by side) and a charge Old Moonlight out scales Soul Greatsword by quite a bit. Assuming 200 spell buff SGS only does 400 damage where Old Moonlights projectile when charged would do 470. If you also hit with the actual blade it does 250 on top of that. Now IDK about you but 720 sounds like quite a bit more than 400. Almost double actually. When uncharged while yes the projectile alone does less than SGS it is faster to use and has more range. Again assuming 200 spell buff the uncharged projectile would only do 300 where SGS would do 400, however you have the chance of landing the blade portion as well and if you do you suddenly end up with 250 additional damage to put you at 550 total damage for Old Moonlight which is more than a third of SGS damage. Before saying anything, having less than 200 spell buff at 60 int is something you'd have to intentionally do and if you aren't going for 60 int the ratio is still the same.
By Anonymous
You will reliably one-shot many tougher enemies in pve if you hit a fully charged attack with both the blade and the shockwave. Tested against the knights before Lorian and Lothric, I could reach 1500+ damage.
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