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By Anonymous
does the pyro rings increase the damage buff on this?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
No, but fire clutch ring does
By Anonymous
Just use bundles/resins
By Anonymous
This lasts more than twice as long, deals more damage and also is infinite if you have a simple infused offhand.
By Anonymous
I guess by your logic, then, magic and spells shouldn't exist. Since you should jUsT iNfUsE a BoW wItH mAgIc
By Anonymous
I feel like this is a little weaker than most if not all the other magic spellbuffs so I think it should've been unlocked through the great swamp tome instead of the carthus pyromancy tome
By Anonymous
However if lasts much longer and has very low stat requirements (pyromancers can use this without leveling up at all) and is stronger than resins already. Perfect for anyone wanting to do pyromancies.
By Anonymous
Sorry i aciddently pressed the dislike button
By Anonymous
Carthus Flame Arc vs Chaos infusion:

Use CFA if you have a weapon that requires minimum stats and is relatively small and fast.

Examples: Daggers, Hand Axe, Thrall Axe, Straight swords, Mace, Morning Star.

Use Chaos infusion if you want more requirement intensive weapons to save levelling Attunement.

Examples: Great swords, Ultra GS, Great Hammers/Clubs, pikes/spears.
By Anonymous
I put it into soulsplanner and a +10 chaos broadsword only does around >10 less damage than a +10 raw one buffed with Carthus flame arc. So it may be better on some lighter weapons just to stick with chaos
By Anonymous
This spell is great once you get tired of minmax builds and just wanna look cool with your no softcaps reached slightly illogical meta ASF pyro swordsman... Burn it all!
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