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By Anonymous
The most annoying weapon to fight against.

Not because it’s bad or anything, actually it’s a top tier weapon, but if you mess up just once….. BAM,
70% of your hp is gone. You can’t mess with this weapon or it WILL stun lock you too death.
By Anonymous
Halberds like this and the scythe in the first dark souls are sexy as hell
By Anonymous
keep in mind if you use this infused: its true combo consists of many smaller hits that build up damage so split damage types can sort of hard curb the weapon. always use with just physical damage or buffing.

alternatively, do use this weapon infused because tbh I would love to not get one combo'd by this at least once in my life lmfao
By Anonymous
what about buffs like dark moon blade?
By Anonymous
" Splitleaf GREATSWORD "
By Anonymous
Humm i dont think thats a Great sword
By Anonymous
R1 -> victory.
True combo
By Anonymous
do someone know how much poise do i need to poise through gs with r1? like for gs it is 16ish but do someone know how much is needed for halberds?
halberds vs gs is quite hard and boring cause spam that wa on that halberd.
By Anonymous
People have such a bad time recognizing this weapon as a guandao. Yuve yuve yu.
By Anonymous
Always remember that Black Crystal true combos into the block feature. It's the best counter to this weapon.
By Anonymous
how good is this weapon for PvE on quality builds?
By DemonsSoulsMaster
Split leaf is fine for pve but I wouldn’t recommend it over other quality build weapons such as the black knight weapons.
By Anonymous
Heavy always outperforms the other phys infusions, even on a quality build. If you two hand that is
By Anonymous
It took me way too long to realize that this and the black knight glaive are different weapons...
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