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By Anonymous
My favorite invasion character, Gankbane, uses this weapon. I've killed 4 players at full hp in 2 swings. This thing is no joke. The most terrifying weapon for a small brained host to deal with in the whole game. Stack on your buffs and you'll literally 1 shot people. One of the few weapons in DS3 capable of doing so. It's disgusting. It's terrifying. Don't even get me started on PVE. Lightning is the least resisted element in the game. That paired with the weapon's naturally absurd AR, it's easy mode. The absolute best weapon in the game no doubt. Buffable. Infusable. Wide arcing and far reaching horizontal swings. Insane damage. Lightning. Big poise. Decent weight. It's just insane.
By Anonymous
Doing a holy knight build, just infused with blessed but now i can't used Blessed Weapon miracle. Lothric K***ths are bs.
By Anonymous
Dude you can't buff infused weapons. Anyway, blessed is a good infusion in this weapon.
By Anonymous
Is this viable for NK fight if infused with Fire, stats at 42str, 20dex, 11int, 10fth? Or is Chaos a better choice? Hecc, is it even viable at all?
By Anonymous
I always try and use dark against nk
By Anonymous
I love the stomp/heavy combo that this weapon does. It sends enemies skydiving. But then I woke up and went back to dual-wielded pkcs so I can pkcs-parry in one hand while destroying Casul lkgs scrubs with my other. I love reposting Casul scrubs who don’t know that pkcs has lightning fast parry and when I poop on their disappearing bodies they know that pkcs is even as incredible as my pro skill. Many Casul I destroy rage quit the game bc I beat them so completely. I even parry Fighter Pl for fun and destroy him with the charged pkcs heavy before he get up from riposte. When Elden ring comes out the first players to buy the game will be the crying Casul who lost so hard to my pkcs
By Anonymous
glad the pkcs guy has learned some manners
By Anonymous
Why does this guy sound like such an angry nerd?
By Anonymous
i might be wrong but i think the breakpoint on my build with 66str(2 handed) + 40dex is around 29 faith for blessed to be btr than lightning & 30 faith to be btr than regular
By Anonymous
I think the lothric greatsword needs to be nerfed I did almost 1000 damage with just 1 hit
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