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By Anonymous
Use this to summon the best npc siegmad of catarina from dark souls 2, the soul of cinder won't stand a chance
By Anonymous
Hope that final Lord Soul was tasty Gael, we're now at the mercy of your masters painting abilities.
By Anonymous
The painted world of k***ht
By Anonymous
Dumb censorship. I bet this isn't censored NlGGER
By Anonymous
Jesus Christ
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Ashen one may I have blood of dark soul
To paint a better world?
Actually paints Elden Ring like a boss
By Anonymous
lore time
By Anonymous
Or maybe Yarnham
By Anonymous
My uncle who works at FromSoftware assured me with confidence that she in fact paints the world of King's Field.
By Anonymous
frankly quite odd to name a painted world walbert but i have no qualms
By Anonymous
My character’s name: Trese.

Hence the Netflix show was born.
By Anonymous
"I wonder when Uncle Gael intends to return"
"Ashen one why are you crying on the floor?"
By Anonymous
Bro, I killed him
By Anonymous
He ain’t comin’ back.
By Anonymous
So every month you came, use it to do painting.
By Anonymous
how come i cant turn my executioner GS into gaels GS by dipping it into this edgy ranch? miyazaki pls
By Anonymous
Gaels menstrual blood
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