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By Anonymous
How much poise do you need to trade using a halberd, and what can you trade with?
By Anonymous
Best weapon class IRL
By Anonymous
This class has by far the worst 2 handed heavy attack. Useless and has no function gameplay wise.
By Anonymous
It's best use is punishing people who parry, it's very hard to parry right
By Anonymous
ok, but why are these used mainly as thrust weapons? Like, the entire moveset is thrusting
By Yeeshnjaw
That's how halberds were used historically. In fact, the primary purpose of the axe head wasn't even chopping, but for hooking an opponent's own polearm.
By Anonymous
Least fun weapon class to fight against. Change my mind
By Anonymous
That would be xbow+ss or high lat murky
By Anonymous
I hate how the glaive type halberds are the only ones with hyper armor.
By Anonymous
Try stabbing in the back