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By GreySkale45
The second I heard her voice, I was like: "Wait a second, didn't she voice Quelana?" So I checked, and sure enough, Jenny Funnel voiced both of them (and then some throughout the series). This revelation makes the moment where she says "A pyromancy tome? Quelana of Izalith... well, this is fascinating..." that much better.
By Anonymous
I wouldn’t mind if she talked dirty to me role playing as Karla or Quelana
By ascendantComic
annoys me that she complains if you give her pyromancy or miracle tomes, yet there's no tome or scroll that she's actually interested in. i went to this page to see if there was anything it would make sense to give her, but nothing. between her and straid in DS2 who keeps insulting you no matter what you bring or do for him, i've had it with rude hexers.
By Anonymous
That's it, go touch grass.
By Anonymous
If she smells bad now just imagine what she would smell like after vigorously pounding her in her spot at firelink
By Anonymous
She’s a dude so it shows how confused you are with actually loving men you sicko
By Anonymous
I saved Karla after having given the Eyes to the Firekeeper. Her dialogue hasn't changed even after I've removed and given the eyes back. Is this a known bug perhaps?
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