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By sonos
hey I did some cheat engine testing and found my data to be wrong. there was never any fire damage, and I should probably tell the person that I got the data from.
By Anonymous
Everybody gangsta till the nameless king strikes a menacing pose.
By Anonymous
Inescapable up close,
can hit twice and can be spammable. Potential gank spanker, but you need tears of denial against casters.
By Anonymous
AoE is nice and isn't the most expensive to cast but it doesn't justify the 2 slot req and frankly, stake is better in PvE when you consider you can just add one of the spear miracles for quicker cast times, better damage output and a more flexible casting options for roughly the same cost as storm.
By Anonymous
Meant DPS not damage output, my bad
By Anonymous
Yeah but lightning storm hits twice: the initial lightning and the lightning orbs around you. Nobody can roll out of that and staggers enough for your main weapon to get a hit in. Besides, no gank will dare to interrupt you, the little orbs hurts like hell.
By Anonymous
I agree that I find Lightning Stake generally superior in PvE. But Lightning Storm is very valuable in PvP, especially when you are outnumbered.
By Anonymous
This miracle wrecks the deacons of the deep and the abyss watchers sooooo hard
By Anonymous
yeah, but you can't really use it on these bosses before ng+ soo
By Anonymous
lmao. "crafting from souls"
By Anonymous
By the time you hear the thunder it’s too late!
By Anonymous
Not worth it just use swordspear this miracle is waste
By Anonymous
This spell has amazing use in both PvP and PvE. It is comparable to a faster Wrath of the Gods, which can be used to punish careless players. It deals large ammounts of damage at close range and easily melts larger enemies. With 45 int/faith and the Crystal chime, while not an optimal Miracle build I could still deal up to 750 damage per cast as a punish for enemies who roll towards me while I cast.
By Anonymous
On ng+ or ng++ then fine but on ng Id choose storm curved sword
By HabeQuiddam
Works great on Wolnir in NG+. Two point-blank casts are needed per bracelet, and it also clears any skeletons when they spawn. Get in melee range before casting. (Tested on NG+ with 60 Faith, Canvas Talisman +10, Lightning Clutch Ring, Morne's Ring, and Ring of the Sun's First Born.)
By Anonymous
At 60 fth the Talisman has more spellbuff than the Canvas talisman.