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Does the bleed scale with luck?
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the look isn't really my style, but damn does this pack a punch. the base damage is a solid 20 above claymore and bastard sword and the weapon art is a monster that has somehow managed to avoid from's detection to this day, not to mention it has an extra benefit of bleed and weighs less.
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underrated weapon
By Anonymous
A Heavy Flamberge is secretly the best weapon in the game for both pvp and pve in str builds. It swings fast, deals respectable damage, and the bleed effect is excellent against bosses and tanky enemies.

For PVP, 9/10 players just copy meta builds. In short, they never expect a flamberge and aren't prepared to deal with one. Especially how fast it swings for a GS and how many attacks you can chain before running out of stamina. When players try to trade attacks you will always hit first if your timing is decent. The longer combos catch them off guard after rolling. And the bleed meter stresses out some players giving you a mental advantage. The light weight lets you wear tanky armor like havels.

I mained a heavy flamberge from Ng to ng 3+, and the only time I had to switch it out was for Midir in The Ringed City (used a longsword to kill him).

The only cons are there is no thrust attack, and the range is weak against fume UGS. You have to play up close and personal with this weapon. But that is my playstyle anyway.
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Isn't Sharp better for this weapon? It gets better scaling and also keeps at least a E scaling in strength. It also opens you up to Dex weapons and better casting time for spells.

If it's what you prefer I won't stop you from using it, just giving my opinion.
By Anonymous
hollow 4 luck build
By Anonymous
Hands down the best greatsword in the game, only ONE weakness being range. For STR builds, infuse it with Heavy Gem and you've got a weapon that will get you through every boss from ng to ng3+.

The secret lies in its speed, stamina cost and weight. Being so light means you can wear heavy armour. Low stamina cost means you can get 6-7 swings in one go while other GS can only manage 3-5. Lastly, the bleed is a boss-slayer. It staggers most of them making bosses like Nameless King and Demon Prince much easier.
By Anonymous
Ah. Nice to see the best weapon again. I do not get people who use any other Greatsword.
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