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By Anonymous
Feels so good landing that WA R2 when the enemy thinks they're safe.
By Anonymous
Last time I was a spear of the church I did L2R2 after a backstab and it rollcaught
By Anonymous
Fully charge 2 handed R2 can hurt like a MF making people think you are cheating.
By everythingwastaken
astora gs does more with r2 and estoc s shield splitter with leo ring does 958 damage
By Anonymous
People dont realize but the roll catch on this thing is a guaranteed 2 hit combo since you can follow it up with L2 and close the distance completely. I never see it being used like that.
By Anonymous
What closes the distance? Just hitting L2 while locked on or doing L2 R2?
By Anonymous
Just the L2 will bring you near the opponent. Dont do full weapon art or youll move away and lose the pressure allowing opponent to heal. Save the full weapon art for finishers.
By Anonymous
Nothing more fitting as the final reward of the series than a broken greatsword. Brings the whole weary journey full circle. I only wish it scaled with luck, since it's stained with the blood of the dark soul, the source of humanity
By Anonymous
Can gaels work on a str build?
By Anonymous
It loses a lot of ar at 66/X compared to 40/40. If you're not doing quality a heavy infused claymore/bastard sword will serve you better
By Anonymous
There is a cut-content version of this. It's called "Gael's Dusty Greatsword"

basically a bigger, more corroded version of the weapon.
By Anonymous
They are the same picture :|
By Anonymous
Using this still counts towards a broken sword run, right?
By everythingwastaken
yes since it is broken but you need to kill gael with brok straight sword sooo it still wont be like cheesing
By Anonymous
The splitleaf of greatswords
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By FenrirBlack
Love rocking this sword, i was a big fan of artorias's GS through out the series until i got this beast. Worth the trouble to get if your a GS and no shield build
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