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By Anonymous
BIG TIP : Buy or collect 4 dung pies.

Throw 2 at the sage.

Hide behind the wall on the right.

Wait until they take 2340 damge

Throw the other 2 dung pies.

Let the sage die, you still get the scroll and 20'000 souls.

Really handy if you don't want to deal with the bastard.
By Anonymous
Or just kill him like a man
By Anonymous
I just threw 2 dung pies at him to inflict toxic and waited until he died. No magic required at all, just a bit more patience I guess
By Anonymous
use, toxic mist then poison mist and then spam sacred flame. with sacred flame being spammed she wont go away
By Anonymous
Dice him up with frayed blade heavy attack over and over, you should be able to stop him from teleporting and kill him as soon as you get in the archives.
By Anonymous
if I have Frayed Blade then Crystal Sage is the least of my worries
By Anonymous
Why is it not listed as a boss in grand archives?
By Anonymous
Because it isn't really a boss, just an enemy. He even respawns I believe...
By Anonymous
As a sorcerer, you can hide behind a corner as soon as it spawns, get close and cast pestilent mist. It wont teleport away, and dies after 5 casts.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Parry riposte with a +10 elemental dagger (magic is a bad idea against her) and hornet ring equipped, then charge up a Ultra Greatsword or Greataxe heavy attack. If she aint dead yet one more R1 should do it.
By Anonymous
Me love greataxe. Smash-Smash.
By Anonymous
Toxic this mini-boss by throwing poop at it.
By Anonymous
For me the fastest way was simply parrying him and then casting Lightning stake on him twice
By Anonymous
HP is slightly off for NG. I used toxic mist cheese on him and dealt 1560 two times and an additional 910 with a 3rd use, totaling to 4030 instead of 4090.
By Anonymous
wow epi