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By Anonymous
It's like the old monk, but bad
By Anonymous
Just yesterday I was thinking about how every other ds3 boss involves you fighting multiple enemies at once, I guess they all culminate into just a literal gank
By Anonymous
If you think it’s bad from a Host point of view try being a spear, three over-leveled phantoms for a player boss, even the scaling absorption of a spear only goes so far
By Anonymous
Fast sword strike combo, dark wave attack, uses lightning, reminds me of Genichiro from Sekiro.
By Anonymous
I was a blade of the dark moon. summon sign in midir's boss area. Invaded as spear of the church. Was very confused. I would like to find out what the actual parameters are for being summoned in as halflight. hopefully this information helps someone figger it out.
By Anonymous
My freind was summoned as a spear of the church!!! like a boss!
By Anonymous
Where is Fulldark, club of the cemetery?
By Anonymous
My man got summoned to speedrun dying
By Anonymous
Ymfah on Youtube made a Millwood greatbow cheese strategy for this boss by the way, on his video called "How to make a "Bow" Only Build in Dark Souls 3". It involves triggering the fight without ever entering the arena.
Also, as PSA, I don't fight back when I get summoned as the boss so if you ever see a player named "KetchupPreCxm" but with a "u" instead of an "x" on pc you can relax, cuz I even turn my back towards you for backstabs.
By Anonymous
This is the kind of people who deserves their saved data removed and the game files corrupted.
By Anonymous
" In some instances, this boss fight can summon players that are actively attempting to invade another's world"
This is false, well, not entirely, but I got summoned to fight in here while I had my coop sign written. So it's not just invasions, white sign soapstone also enable this.
By Anonymous
Putting your white sign down increases the chance that you get summoned in. Also, just being in the Ringed City after obtaining the covenant (even if not equipped) can get you summoned in. It's more rare that an invader gets summoned, because they spend most of their time invading another world. It's only when they are searching for a host do they get summoned.
By Anonymous
Well... This is a poorly designed boss, but the devs are't really the ones to blame for it. You just had it coming.

Host of embers defended everything wrong with pvp in the early days of this game (ganking, mostly.), and the devs aknowledged what kind of toxicity they have let in their community by the time they finished ashes of ariandel. So when making this dlc, they picked up the long list of advantages hosts have and threw it back at them. Ganking doesn't do sht to halflight, r1 spam doesn't work, no blues for backup, halflight having it's own phantoms, etc. And they added it right before the final boss, as if trying to tell you "this sht is over".

GG fromsoft, try to put a proper pvp system (and be more original) next time.
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