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By Anonymous
Sword knights are one of my favorite enemies ever. They teach you the R1R1R2 longsword combo, and are a great payoff for learning how to parry early on. The other variants do things players can't, like sweep with a Lothric long spear, that obnoxious shield bump, or do 4000 damage with a LKGS R1
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Does their HP regen when they use the "blessed pine resin"?
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By Anonymous
**** the greatsword variant it's the most ******* knight enemy can't even be parried and has the potential to do 80% of your hp in 1 hit even with ember
By Anonymous
Just bonk them with Greatsword UGS or Greataxes
By Anonymous
Just use rapport dude
By Anonymous
Just be good dude.
By Anonymous
A questionable weapon art style; Shield Bash with Lothric Knight Shied? & even defensive against flanking how player can't even has one

Royal Guard Greatswordsman; fair enough, the same poise hits + reasonable 'Souls Value' somewhat enjoyable in Melendez batting without throwing items

But come out with patrol guards, don't blame for crossbowing, throwing knife or falling at elevator room
By Anonymous
Either English is not your first language or uh... you might want to get your head checked out buddy.
By Anonymous
This is unironically my favorite "normal enemy" in the whole FromSoftware SoulsBorne series, except for the shield version, that one can suck my ***
By Anonymous
I like how the versions with the sword and shield actually make you have to get good and find their attack patterns and learn to avoid and punish their attacks, while the one with the spear and greatshield basically make you have to play by the boring way that they made you fight in DS1 where all you do is parry, backstab, or kick and that's literally it. Proof that the greatshield and spear variants are terrible and they shouldn't have been added, or at least tweaked so they weren't so goddamn annoying
By Anonymous
they aren't even that hard chill
By Anonymous
Ran a test to see the exact drop chances (100 kills, first bonfire at Lothric Castle, the sword knight):
Had 11 Luck in stats and NO item discovery boosters (sage sword,avarice,golden serpent ring,coins).
The chances below are the RECORDED (items/100 kils),not base:

Armor pieces : 9%
Swords : 10%
Crossbows : 11%
Shields : 4%
Large titanite Shard : 100%
titanite Chunk : 5%
Ember : 2%


100 kills (I died 6 times :/) (with Silver Serpent Ring +0, 275'000 souls)
9 armor pieces (300 souls each)
10 swords (500 souls each)
11 crossbows (500 souls each)
4 shields
100 Large titanite ****
5 titanite Chunks (At kills : 16,28,???,62,91)
2 Embers (1'000 souls each)

Got sword+crossbow at kills number: 26,95
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