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By Anonymous
Cheap, powerful and let's you really hit hard and fast. I wear the lingering dragoncrest +2 ring to get as much mileage out of it as possible. This spell rewards ruthless in-your-face punishment. The kind that makes chuggers weep and dc. Pair it with perseverance and you can trade profitably with almost any weapon in the game.
By Anonymous
thanks, ign.
By Anonymous
oath of sunlight also removes this buff
By Anonymous
If you cast Oath of Sunlight first, they stack.
By Anonymous
You can put sunlight then power and it stacks
By Anonymous
if you use these while dual wielding greatshields of glory they actually become manageable because of the stamina regen and extra ar
By Anonymous
apparently their stamina degen doesnt stack with two
By Anonymous
That is a really good idea actually.
By Anonymous
Time for Sellsword Luet cosplay!
By Anonymous
this build sounds so stupid and I love it for that
By Anonymous
Pretty fun as a bloodlust type spell for Ultra's, since they can get insane damage and badly needed stamina regen at the same time.
By Anonymous
This allows me to use carthus rouge on gugs reliably.
By Anonymous
My favorite spell in the game, good for literally any build, since that pyromancy flame doesn't take up any weight, and the requirements are close to nothing.
By Anonymous
Reminds me of DS1 pyromancies that could be used on any build
By Anonymous
If you play as Deprived you can use this without investing any stat points whatsoever.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You just made this spell 30% more awesome!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Thought so
By Anonymous
Super good buff and available at SL1! Powerful in PVE, more Dangerous in PVP.
By Anonymous
Sure, but you think it will be a challenge just to get it at SL1? It’s in the grand archives and you can only get through it with a key that drops only after you defeat the 3 lords of cinders,
By Anonymous
Twinkie nerd
By Anonymous
To the person calling him a twink, you can't actually do that with spells, only weapons and armor.
By Anonymous
Yeah, if you go through the game yourself at a low level, getting whatever you want through your own skill against the odds, you're not a twink, anyone who thinks otherwise is a crybaby. If that's you, cry.
By Anonymous
Love it, this + carthus flame arc takes my 400 Ar bastard sword to nearly 700 Ar, split though it may be.
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By Demonico
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Why nowhere is anything about the stamina regen? I mean ingame.) here you wrote it. I never knew. Just testet it in compirson to deep protection (made a weapon and Pyromancy dmg tests) And omg its almost double as fast as with deep protection. Just wrote normal is 45 per second, and this gives you 30?! wzf that's veeeery nice! :)
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By Grim_Reaper
the wiki is quite silent about the higher mechanics, synergies and dedicated damage builds and I wonder if that is on purpose or the people here have really no idea... If you watch some of the "insance damage" videos on Youtube you will notice that Power Within is always one of the spells they will use. I think that alone is telling.
By Anonymous
This and lothric war banner stacks, perfect for casters.
By Anonymous
Both also stack with sunlight straight sword WA.
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