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By Anonymous
personally my favorite greatsword, good scaling, has the passive FP regen, a useable moveset, can be buffed and on top of all of it deals strike damage.
By Anonymous
Shame most beginners won't probably use this... this + Gentle Prayer chime = back to full health after a battle with no estus use and very low FP use, if any
By Anonymous
Or use the parting flame infinite estus
By Anonymous
How the hell its quality weapon? D scaling in dex dont give much its a strength weapon with a few more dex requirements.
By Anonymous
Scaling will be adjusted on refined gem. Not all base scaling determines the weapons build. Some get wildly different when u mess around with the infusions
By Anonymous
that this thing scales so well to just 27 strength, is buffable, does blunt AND gives the passive 6 fp, meaning unlimited buffing and vastly deepened healing on area traversal, is Just Wild To Me

Elden Ring best be having something like the EGS passive on at all times cause god damn do I hate having to carry this thing in my offhand for bottomless heals as a helpful phantom when I stoop to wielding some other, lesser tool

least it's sick as hell to look upon but cmon From I wanna use somem else some time without feeling so diminished god damn
By Anonymous
this is great for a support build
By Anonymous
This weapon is a quality weapon if you dont want to waste a lot of points, is a strike weapon so you'll have bonus damage on some enemies and players.

The AR difference with Claymore is imperceptible and even more by the fact that you'll have bonus damage that the claymore don't.

The only real con is the lack of thrust damage.

Overall is a great weapon.
By Anonymous
for a support build i think is a neat choice
By Anonymous
i only use this thing because the sheath looks so nice
By Anonymous
The reason why from made the durability stat almost non existent is because this would become OP Gael's great sword if broken otherwise every one could have it in early game.
By Anonymous
1. dose strike damage
2. Great on the strength builds
3: deals more stamina damage on sheids(I might be wrong)
4: stomp WA can help when trades
5: WA can reset your poise(I might be wrong about this)

6: can be buffed

1: can’t be infused
2: Doesn’t have a thrusting R2
3: does a less damage than the Claymore on a strength build.
4: the 6 FP recovery is useless.

Honestly this weapon isn’t that bad, it dose solid damage and it specializes in strength builds, it’s just that most people would rather pick the Claymore or gaels over this.
By Anonymous
The fp recovery isn't very useful in pvp, but in pve it can help fp sustain quite a bit
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