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By Anonymous
hey since a lot of you need those im doing pvp for fun and have 10 of these so write me if you need them.
By Anonymous
Hmm, says on this page "This item is not able to be given to other players."
By Anonymous
Hello, need a lot of these please, I'll help back if you need them too, would kindly appreciate it, steam code is: 931722688
By Anonymous
Sl 138
By Anonymous
Thank you kindly for your help. Got all 30, if anyone needs help getting the required amount, I'd be happy to help out.
By Anonymous
Be level 30 +3 weapon level in central Irithyll valley bonfire, lots of people to invade.
By Anonymous
I need a few of these, help would be appreciated. SL: 130, Steam invite code: 489859098
By Anonymous
Thanks to the guy who helped me, very efficent :)
By Anonymous
Anyone helping me with this
PS network : futred
By Anonymous
Looking for some jolly farming cooperation on pc
steam friend code:191885195
By Anonymous
thank you to the guy who helped me, it took around 7 minutes per 5 shackles if anyone is interested.
By Anonymous
Its difficult if you did these last in the game, I'm in NG+2 and its difficult. I'll help anyone who needs it if they help me
PSN: TroloSwag
By Anonymous
I sharted reading this
By Anonymous
This BS has the lowest drop rate of anything in any game, its ridiculous
By Anonymous
About 20 minutes and I got my first one with 322 item discovery.

I need 30 of them for the Pyromancy Achievement on Steam.

Will I be spending my time on this?

Hell nah
By Anonymous
20 min with 322? 3 hours with 511 and not a single drop for me
By Anonymous
This is by far the hardest and most tedious covenant grind.
By Anonymous
So you didn't farm form proofs of concord kept yet huh
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