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By Anonymous
I noticed that the extra souls you get do not stack while finishing with a jump attack i learned this while farming the cobra wizard at the bell near the nameless king
By Anonymous
You don't need the key. Just get nekkid and do the running jump off the tree outside the tower with the locked door onto the roof.
By Anonymous
You don't even have to be naked, just gut gud at the jump.
By Anonymous
why would being naked even be relevant in this situation?

If you can jump, you can use the glitch.
By Anonymous
it's obvious for anyone who played the game, this wiki is a joke
By Anonymous
please help me guys
i am in NG i found this rig but when i want to use this ring unfortunately i drop this ring and now i cant find this ring any where.
how can i found it again??
By Anonymous
U can't :( u can Pick ist up in a new playtrough
By Anonymous
You have to go into NG+ if you want it on that character, or start a new character, grab the ring, and have a friend help transfer it to your main. Good luck!
By Anonymous
You could get the +3 version if you bought the dlc :)
By Saris
Just restart the game, if you just did the tree jump shortcut to get it. Or if you did lose the ring, then just go through the game without it. You'll be surprised on how little of use this ring becomes in a regular playthrough.
By Anonymous
You dont even need to get naked. I can do it in full knight armor at 15 vit.
By Anonymous
+35% more souls
By Anonymous
Thanks, I quickly killed one of the caster things for 420 souls, then 567, so +147 from using the ring for the 35% bonus.
By Anonymous
Additively: 100% + 20% + 10% + 50% + 20% = 200%
Multiplicatively: 120% * 110% * 150% * 120%= 238%

base version + shield of want + symbol of avarice + mendicant's staff

Which is it? Multiplicative or additive?
By Anonymous
Going by the most commonly seen within games, all the multipliers add up and are then multiplied with the base percent.
eg. 100% * (sum of multipliers).
By Anonymous
multiplicative, anyone who says otherwise is wrong. i am 100% certain
By Anonymous
gives 291,6% with silver serpent ring +3
By Anonymous
One of the best rings for PvE, especially for NG.

You're gonna be killing a lot of enemies right? So why not equip the ring for an extra 10%?

Sure 10% looks small on paper but in the long run, it's gonna pay out.
By Anonymous
After fighting a boss, there is a slight pause before souls are dispensed to the player. As long as you equip the ring before the souls are given out, you will still get the 10% extra souls (in case you want to use a different ring during the fight with the boss).
By Anonymous
Would two of these stack?
By Anonymous
Never mind it wouldn’t.
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Would it stack with gold coins?
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