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By Anonymous
wow the amount of hate this covenant gets if you don't like it don't join it or if your just a pathetic no life who loves to ruin any form of fun and joy anyone has

join DarkWraiths covenant you will fit right in and this is coming from a DarkWraith member most people in the same covenant have a competitive and no fun addiction
By Anonymous
Jesus, this page is so toxic. It basically gives you advice on how to be as big a **** as you can. Why does averyone care so much about winning and killing the opponent at any cost using all the cancer you can and not about just having fun?
By Anonymous
Why yes, I am an ******* how can you tell?
By Anonymous
This comment sums up ds3's online. Idk what is it doing here tho.
By Anonymous
Get gud crybaby.
By Anonymous
holy **** its a redditor
By Anonymous
Bro just turn online off
By Anonymous
We get it. You are bad. Die mad about it.
By Anonymous
Tentacle twink no like you
By Anonymous
would be alot better if you could invade sinners while they are hollow
By Anonymous
clean up the sins janny
By Anonymous
>he does it for free
By Anonymous
I can tell you're about fourteen.
By Anonymous
It really annoyed me when Gwyndolin said “tarnished it shall not be by the feet of men” to my female character
By Anonymous
Are her feet good looking
By Anonymous
Post her feet
By Anonymous
They were referring to mankind with the term "men"
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Character Deleted
By Anonymous
feet. waiting.
By Anonymous
This game did covenants better than the other titles IMO
By Anonymous
100 % agree. In this game the covenants have creative mechanics that really gave them identity and set them apart from one another. The Gravelord mechanics are so, so good.
By Anonymous
So is this Covenant still viable in the NON-remaster or is that game essentially dead? I ask for the NON-remaster for obvious reasons since the remaster is not only a slightly better DSfix for 20 bucks but the cutthroats apparently also had at least one butthurt darkwraith in their development team who was sad he got punished for hunting down noobs with his chaos zweihander in the undead burg.
By Anonymous
well, prepare to die edition only ever has around 500~ players playing at a time during peak hours, so... i feel like playing anything PvP related on prepare to die edition is just useless. you're better off playing the remaster.
By Anonymous
You can farm covenant items from the harpies in the painted world if you just want the rewards.
By Anonymous
blade of the darkmoon guy : STOP RIGH THER CRIMINAL violated the law pay the court a fine or serve your sentence.

dark wraith guy : Resist arrest

blade of the darkmoon guy : The pay with your blood

whats the matter getting tired?brgrgbbbrrbbrrbrbrb!!!you shouldv paid the fine!!!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Slick dark wraith guy: * hands a few souvenir of reprisals to darkmoon guy*

Darkmoon guy: fine I’ll let you go this time.
By QueenSeekr_Froompt
This covenant is stupid, the level for invasions is the same as the red eye. The point of this covenant is all sinners are equal to a darkmoon, it dumb.
By Anonymous
It's an hypocrtical covenant, as are the gods themselves. It's like a corrupt and authoritarian police force