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By Anonymous
Worst f***ing boss fight in this s***ty f***ing game!!! So f***ing unfair!!! F***ing oneshots me!!!
By Anonymous
Skill issue
By Anonymous
I wish that if you saved Sif in the chasm of the abyss you would get the option to spare her during her boss fight.
It would kinda make sense plus I wouldn't have to kill the puppy to progress. Unfortunately all we get is a different cutscene.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Ok sure Sif has lore, but still, she is just an oversized striped dog
By Anonymous
the only time i kill sif is if i need the shield for a build.
which is never.
dex build is best build.
By Anonymous
so if you never kill do you deal with the four kings?
By Anonymous
You using skips bro? You ultimately need to kill Sif to get to Gwyn.
By Anonymous
well at least i killed sif before learning about their lore, yet i still feel terrible
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