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The R2 does not bypass parries, got parried by a rapier Balder night while testing what could be grabbed
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Opps, K***ht *
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Hey Reah check this out!
By Anonymous
"1% chance"

I have 11 of these.
By Anonymous
I equipped this and became a serial kisser. Smooching all human npcs in the game.
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By G555
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"Using R2 on an NPC should not cause them to become hostile, so you can use it freely, with the exclusion of the blacksmiths, who will become hostile upon attack."

Of course, I be pissed off too when I'm hammering my hammer then suddenly someone grab me and stop my work. Others don't care, they don't have anything to do, just standing.
By Anonymous
Be aware, it doesn't make NPC's hostile but it does give you sin.
By Anonymous
I killed like 10 Darkwraiths and have 2 of these somehow
By Anonymous
Can someone help me get dark hand or trade it???
By Anonymous
Get the gold serpent ring from Sean’s fortress and try to take the darkwraiths on one at a time. Shouldn’t take too long, save for the worst luck