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By Anonymous
also be careful if doing that cheese near the sewer rats cus our boy Solaire is chilling near the dragon's tail and I'm pretty sure you could accidently fail his quest.
By Anonymous
Don’t know if it was just for me but I noticed the wyvern might show mercy, before I got the shortcut he didn’t breath fire until I approached the claymore, and then twice when I had souls on the bridge he would not breath fire until I either approached where the claymore is or a couple seconds after I grabbed the souls
By Anonymous
I m in ng+ and i triés to kill thaïs guy with dragonslayer bow but even after that >200 feather arrows p+ rtsr the guy was still not dead. His hp in ng+ is just bull****.
By Anonymous
i used 3 dark beads and he died on ng+ lmao
By Anonymous
After successfully baiting the spineless coward into coming off his little sissy tower, he just decides to use his flying flame breathe attack anyway. Luckily, the fool is no match for the mighty power of STAIRS!
By Anonymous
Idk what happened, but he seems to have glitched to death for me; when i opened the door to lower undead burg i suddenly got 10k souls and he wont appear on the bridge anymore. there goes my farming but at least i got the souls.
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