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By Anonymous
The Dark Silver Tracer actually has a Parry if you wield it in your offhand instead. The only Question is if you want a parry over the Gold Tracer additional movement ( its restricted to a unique Strong R2 otherwise in your mainhand ) probably mostly a Question in terms of Playstyle
By Anonymous
Best to keep DST in right if you're going to be parrying,since it has ridiculously high crit damage. Of course, if you have two DST's, go all out.
By Anonymous
does she come back in ng+ ?
By Anonymous
Everyone comes back in NG+
By Anonymous
how can this weapon not show auxilary toxic effect in remastered? seems like I hit people so many times they cannot get toxic effect. I tired stabbing it doesnt work either. any clues?
By Anonymous
You need to build up toxic with R2s, as it will almost never work the first time
By Anonymous
>early and mid game weapon

ah so dlc content, which is unlocked after visiting duke's archive, is considered early game now?
By Anonymous
Early game is anything before NG+7
By Anonymous
You literally just finished the introduction when you got the Lordvessel for the first time. Thats very early game :o
By Anonymous
Not to mention you have to kill artorias
By Anonymous
I love it’s stingray tail like design which really makes it’s critical damage all the more believable
By Anonymous
RIP Irwin
By Anonymous
this dlc really inspired a lot of stuff in bloodborne. fast paced combat, the cleric beast design, marvelous chester, and the tracers look a lot like the blade of mercy imo
By Anonymous
It might be the other way around as Chester is inspired by Bloodborne which had just begun development. He’s in DS as a hint as to what was coming next just like Yamamura in the old hunters who was a hint to Sekiro
By Anonymous
It’s almost like the games had the same developers.
By Anonymous
Reply to 2 feb 2021 anon: the AotA DLC was released in 2012, while BloodBorne was released in 2015
By Anonymous
Reply to the June 20th anon Bloodbourne was released in 2015, but began development in 2012 (the soundtrack is stated to have 2.5 years to develope and was made by the same team as AotA, so they probably would have had at least an idea what they wanted the look and feel like, Chester has a unique skeleton and model rigging, and has a more traditional armour + sword model sitting unused in the code, so they probably used him as a test character to see how viable it was to code that type of movement, with the unused model being a fallback for if that didn't work out.
By Anonymous
To clarify the above, most of Bloodborne was made by the same team as AotA not just the soundtrack
By Anonymous
Nasty, irritating, cancerous.
-some bumbling giantdad wannabe.
By Anonymous
I keep trying to justify replacing this in my pvp load out. Unfortunately every time I think about it I pop power within and oneshot backstab someone.
By Anonymous
How fun
By Anonymous
srsly "early to mid game weapon"??? uhmmm you cant get there til at least the end game (i consider DLC/lord souls areas endgame and anorlondo midgame) but still i got it on a str character and i loved its moveset paired with the gold tracer so i might do a dex build with that
By Erick_of_Astora
Rating weapons based on looks:
Looks actually quite good and at the same time all messed up, i find it very cool