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By Anonymous
So wait... if you wanna get your estus maxed out you need to become a murderer, to the innocent just to max it out?

If that is the case it's not worth it for me. I'm not a psychopath that just likes to get stronger by Slaughter the only Innocent people around me.

I am trying to help them not to become a monster that is close to resemble the mindless hollows all around the land, attacking anything they see that isn't hollow.

I go rather ng+ and get the souls again than to become a monster to make myself maxed out of estus.

I only killed the basterd that killed the firekeeper in firelink shrine, just so i can revive her again.

Is there literally no other fire keeper souls in the land to get without having to become a murderer to the innocent?
By Anonymous
Nah just gg ez the other bonfire keepers. Won’t remember what you did in NG+ anyways.
By Anonymous
Except i would remeber doing it.

I don't want that
By Anonymous
If you shatter the illusion in Anor Londo, the Darkmoon Firekeeper will become hostile and attack you. The way I see it, anyone who attacks me first is fair game...
By Anonymous
cant believe max in ng0 is +6, kinda odd considering you can max out your flask in other souls games before NG+